Apex Legends players call for Digital Threat nerf in Season 18

Apex Legends players call for Digital Threat nerf in Season 18
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Alex Garton


5th Sep 2023 17:05

There are countless powerful attachments in Apex Legends that can take a solid gun and elevate it to the next level.

However, there's one in particular that's unbelievably strong, and that's the Digital Threat optic that can be equipped with SMGs and Pistols.

Alongside being immensely clean to beam enemies with, the Digital Threat offers X-ray vision through smoke and gas.

Well, Apex players think it's finally time the deadly optic received a nerf, as according to them, there's no "counterplay" against it.

Apex Legends fans call for Digital Threat optic nerf

Taking to Twitter on September 1, former Apex Legends pro Jacob "HisWattson" McMillin argued the Digital Threat needs to be nerfed as there's such "low counterplay and you don't know they have one until they've already shot half their mag at you."

In his opinion, the attachment is "very frustrating" to play against and there needs to be some indication of where the enemy using it is located.

Other players agreed, with some even going as far as to claim that Respawn should "remove" the scope from the game completely.

It's unlikely Respawn would ever scrap the iconic scope, but there's a chance it gets nerfed, and luckily, the community had some suggestions.

How can Respawn nerf Digital Threat in Apex Legends?

Digital Threat scope
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For starters, HisWattson put forward the idea of adding a laser to the Digital Threat when ADSing, this would introduce a level of counterplay against the attachment.

Another suggestion was for the devs to take it out of the crafter completely and leave it as ground loot, so it's purely based on RNG when finding one. This would mean significantly less of them in a match, which would help with overall balance.

Either way, we'll have to see if any of the Respawn devs take note, as it's clear players are tired of being one-way beamed by a Digi-Threat user they can't see.

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