Apex Legends confirms ‘secret’ blue Nessie still hasn’t been found

Apex Legends confirms ‘secret’ blue Nessie still hasn’t been found
Respawn Entertainment | Bobz

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Alex Garton


4th Sep 2023 17:25

Nessies have become somewhat of a phenomenon within the Apex Legends community and are adored by the fanbase.

The cute stuffed creatures act as Easter eggs on nearly every single map in the Outlands, placed by the devs for players to find. While some Nessies are just hidden in corners and just out of sight, others are a little more difficult to find.

None more so than a particular blue Nessie that was added to the Firing Range with Season 18. According to devs, no one has managed to find it, despite some hardcore Nessie fans spending tens of hours on the hunt.

Apex Legends dev confirms blue Nessie hasn't been discovered

As showcased by popular Apex Legends YouTuber Bobz, there's a mysterious blue Nessie in the Firing Range that still hasn't been found. Despite being introduced in Season 18, Gameplay Programmer at Respawn Ian Holstead has revealed there's "still no sign" of the rare cute creature.

It's incredible that after so much time, no one has managed to track down the Nessie. It suggests that finding this elusive Nessie may require the player to perform an action, instead of just finding its location. Luckily, Holstead did drop a small clue in a recent tweet, but it hasn't given too much away.

Blue Nessie easter egg clues in Apex Legends

For any budding Nessie hunters, Holstead did reveal that the "Nessie hid well this time around" and that "eventually Nessie might call for help."

This implies there could be a sound in the Firing Range to look out for if you're close, or maybe an event will trigger the Nessie. As we mentioned, it's an incredibly small clue, but it could be enough of a tip-off to lead to a discovery, we'll just have to wait and see.

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