Respawn Entertainment has finally confirmed a 'mark all as seen' feature will be coming to Apex Legends to tidy up your inventory.

15:26, 27 Nov 2020

You asked for it, and now, it looks like you're finally getting it. While Apex Legends is a largely adored game compared to something like the glitchy VALORANT, that doesn't mean it's perfect. Developers at Respawn Entertainment are inundated by requests for quality of life improvements that could make our lives a little easier in the long run. 

Those days of having your inventory littered with little red dots could soon be a thing of the past. For those players who like to keep their house in order and everything looking neat, we've been asking for a "mark all as seen" feature for longer than we'd care to admit. Thankfully, the tiny QOL feature is closer than ever. Although news of a "mark all as seen" feature is nothing new - having lurked in the background of Apex's Trello - we've got a real hint at when it could be implemented.


The question of a "mark all as seen" feature has come up time and time again. The latest was in a Reddit thread where u/TigerTankSniper asked, "Could we get a ‘Mark all as seen’ button? Would be useful instead of going through all the menus to clear the icons". Senior Game Designer Daniel Klein happily responded, "Good news! That’s probably coming in the next patch! John Hodgson put that one in not too long ago". 

Season 7 of Apex may have been marred in criticisms of a Battle Pass grind, however, there was plenty to distract us from it. As well as a slew of new additions including the Trident squad vehicle, Olympus map, and new Legend Horizon, there was some welcome quality of life additions. With attachment swaps getting a buff, there was also the introduction of a feature that stopped rival grabbing items from Replicators in the first five seconds (unless pinged). A "mark all as seen" feature might seem relatively small, but either way, it's on the cards. 

When it comes to a "mark all as seen" feature, it will help those who open items in bulk. Another time we've found our screens nearly unreadable due to a mass of red dots was when Respawn gifted players 10 free Battle Pass levels as an apology. Unfortunately, the feature probably won't land in time for the upcoming Holo-Day Bash that kicks off on December 1. This year's annual event will put a revamped version of the Winter Express back on the tracks and deliver a new version of the Wolrd's Edge map. 


For those who were hopeful December 1 could see the feature patched in, Kelin went on to remind us, "That's not a patch, sorry! That's just the date we flip the switch to turn on Winter Express". This means you'll have to wait until next year when the festive season rounds off. Either way, the introduction of a "mark all as seen" feature proves those within Respawn are listening to our moans and groans. 


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Images via Respawn Entertainment

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