As Apex Legends players get to grips with Season 7, one crafty gamer has discovered a handy Horizon speed boost trick.

13:20, 18 Nov 2020

Despite her small stature and freshman status in Apex Legends, that hasn't stopped newcomer Horizon making her mark on Respawn Entertainment's first-person shooter. We were promised that Season 7 would overhaul the game and add a tonne of new content, but did anyone really expect it to be as huge as it has been? Alongside the new Trident vehicle to transport your whole squad across the map, there was the long-awaited arrival of the floating Olympus map, and Horizon's debut as the 15th Legend.

Dr. Mary Somers, aka Horizon, has already proved to be an integral part of the Offensive class with her Gravity Lift, Spacewalk, and Black Hole abilities. If that wasn't enough, one player has used their own Horizon-sized intellect to unearth a handy speed boost trick for her. Although Horizon already boasts an impressive arsenal of talents, a new use for her Gravity Lift could be the best yet.


Horizon speed boost trick: How does it work?

Quite niche, but trap yourself under a building with horizons tactical for insane strafe speeds from r/apexuniversity

Horizon's Gravity Lift creates a "tunnel" of energy that lasts for 10 seconds and can either help lift your teammates up to higher terrain or fling an unsuspecting enemy into the air for a handy sniping shot. Posting on Reddit, u/loseryeet described this one as "niche" but showed it off in all its glory. Here, you deploy Horizon's Gravity Lift while in a room with a low ceiling. Stepping inside the lift yourself, it will elevate you above the battle and give you insanely quick strafing abilities.

If used properly, you should be able to zip out of the sights of enemy fire and hammer them with a hail of bullets at the same time. Safe to say, other players were suitably impressed. One fan wrote, "Wait, this is actually insane... not niche at all, this is relevant in so many fights", while another gushed, "I can see that being used a lot actually considering all of the buildings in Olympus. Awesome tip man". 



Horizon speed boost trick: Will it be removed? 

As with all these things, it was never going to be a secret for long. Given the number of buildings and confined spaces knocking around the map, the Horizon speed boost trick can actually be used a lot more than you'd think. Interestingly, this isn't one of the "many" glitches that have been plaguing Horizon since her debut.

Even if Respawn didn't plan for the Gravity Lift to boost strafing speed, it's unclear whether developers would actually patch it out - it isn't necessarily a game-breaking glitch. Either way, why not try out Horizon's latest perk next time you suit up as the scientific Scot and jump off the dropship into Olympus? You're welcome!



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Images via Respawn Entertainment

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