The 'Rescue Specialist' design is proving popular on Reddit; could he become a reality in-game?

01:00, 27 Feb 2020

An Apex Legends fan on Reddit has lit up the Apex page with his amazing concept and design for a non-official character he has named; ‘Talos’. This isn’t the first time Reddit users have drawn up a detailed design and character sheet for a Legend of their own devising, see Highrise (titled an ‘engineering prodigy’) posted on Reddit last year. Highrise used a jetpack to get around the map, spot and push enemies, and his ultimate featured a damaging shockwave.

Talos is titled ‘Rescue Specialist’ and is a defensive/support character, much like Wattson or Lifeline, and his creator has cultivated an exciting yet tragic backstory for him. Talo’s real name is Alexios Moreau, an orphan born on Gridiron, but moved to the planet Psamathe, and met Ajay Che (Lifeline). Alexios (28) also met Gibraltar when enlisting in S.A.R.A.S (Search and Rescue Association of Solace) when he was 20 years old, and training to become a combat medic.

u/DudeWithName continues Talos’ engaging origin story by explaining;

“A few years ago he and a bunch of his colleagues were sent to aid in rescuing stranded civilians on Typhon, trapped by a strange energy storm. As soon as they landed though, he knew it was more than just a storm, emplaced Simulacrums and MRVNs opened fire, and while the robots were defeated, Alexios was seriously injured, losing his right arm from saving 3 children… Gibraltar was able to save his life, however. After the battle, Alexios was taken in for medical treatment. His old friend Ajay Che was even able to visit him, which pleased Alexios greatly… seeing all the injured relief workers from the Typhon Operation he knew he had to do something. Now with a cautionary feeling towards robotic individuals and fitted with a prosthetic arm he joins the Apex games to try and make enough funds to build up S.A.R.A.S. into the organization he believed it could be. Alexios will go through anybody even his former colleagues to make his dream come true.”

His abilities (which can be seen in the image below) are perfect for players who want to play the hero, with mighty healing abilities ranging from grenades that down revived allies, to reducing overall respawn time for allies.

Via u/DudeWithName from r/apexlegends

 Further details about the usage, capabilities, and limitations, of all three abilities, are below;

Passive: Swift Saviour

  • Can pull allies along while reviving them and uses respawn beacons faster.
  • While holding the revive button, the user can move while reviving the ally at walking speed
  • Reduces the Respawn Beacon Use Time to 3 seconds

Tactical: Transfusion Grenade

  • Tosses a grenade that releases a burst of instant healing on contact. Can consume syringe/medkit to increase potency.
  • The grenade explodes on impact and has a radius of 4m, the heal is instantaneous and heals for 5 health
  • Has 3 Charges and recharges every 20 seconds
  • Can use a syringe to empower the next grenade to heal for 20 health instantly instead of 5. Can only empower another grenade after all “Potent Grenades” are used
  • Can use a medkit to empower the next 3 grenades to heal for 20 heal instantly. Only 3 empowered grenades can be held at a time
  • The ability heals anyone in its radius including allies, downed allies, enemies and downed enemies.

Ultimate: Renewal Grenade

  • Tosses a grenade that on detonation slowly revives downed allies. Can consume Phoenix Kit to increase potency.
  • Revives any ally within its 3m detonation radius over 7 seconds
  • Allies are revived with 10 shield and 10 Health
  • Can use a Phoenix kit to empower the ultimate, The empower animation takes 6 seconds to complete and must be done at 100% ultimate ability charge. An empowered renewal grenade speeds up the revive to 5 seconds and Allies are revived with 25 Shield and 25 Health.
  • Allies can still be shot and killed during the revival process so make correct timing is key

While it’s very unlikely that Respawn Entertainment will use this concept and make it a reality, it is possible that we’ll see another healing ability Legend in the world of Apex one day very soon.


Images via Respawn Entertainment 

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