Apex Legends Devs Are Worried About How OP Valkyrie Will Be

Apex Legends Devs Are Worried About How OP Valkyrie Will Be

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Jack Marsh


23rd Apr 2021 13:31

Apex Legends' newest warrior stems from a heritage where slaying with a samurai sword would be the norm. However, Respawn doesn't do normal. The Japanese shieldmaiden has traded blades for rockets, the floor for the sky, and a kimono for a sleek exosystem that makes Mirage shiver so much it looks like a line up on Eurovision when his clones are deployed.

After being unveiled by Respawn Entertainment on April 20, Valk sent shockwaves through the Outlands, striking fear into Gibby by quipping "you can have the ground, I am the sky" before offering a boot of gratitude straight to his chops.

With a range of abilities on show, it now appears that Valk could be one of the strongest legends ever, so much so that even the developers are worried about how overpowered she could be. 

Lead Game Designer and Reddit pedagogue, Daniel Klein, said "Oh she’ll be strong,” before adding "Terrified right now she might be too strong, but I’ve called my shots and now all we can do is wait."

Valk's abilities offer a range of damage and rotation, with her ultimate allowing for a whole squad to be launched into the air to skydive into new locations - perfect for a quick exfil or to hunt down the next quivering squad. Third partying is about to become tenth partying.

Klien previously commented on the legend pool, welcoming the downfall of Wraith after the rise of Caustic and Horizon. Now, with Valk in the mix too, it appears we may have a huge force to be reckoned with landing in Kings Canyon.

Valk arrives in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy, which is set to commence on May 13, with a worldwide reveal of a new game mode coming on May 4 too.


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Image via Respawn Entertainment

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