If you listen closely, you can hear the faint whimpers of TTV_WraiTH_xx players as the voidwalker loses her crown.

16:21, 25 Feb 2021

Since the conception of Apex Legends, the crown has glistened on the capitulum of one rather boisterous yet deadly woman. The bejewelled headdress has sparkled in multiple dimensional rifts, as the queen of the outlands has consistently been able to overrule opponents with her swift movement, noticeable small hitbox, and a get out of jail free card.

Wraith transcended to Apex Legends royalty instantly and has remained as the most picked legend for two years. However, just as the game celebrated its second birthday, it appears that she has finally been unseated as the most picked legend, following a number of nerfs and the ridiculing of her signature Naruto run.

Discussing another questionable character in limbo, Caustic, Respawn Entertainment Lead Game DesignerDaniel Z. Klein admitted that Wraith's pick rate has plummeted in recent times, knocking her down the pecking order to fourth. 

The comments were made by Klein on Reddit, using her downfall to counteract the argument that Caustic is too overpowering. He let slip that "His [Caustic's] pick rate had always been a solid middle of the pack one, but with the introduction of Fuse and the Wraith nerf shaking pick rates up a bit (Wraith went from highest, where she'd been for pretty much all of Apex's existence, to fourth highest!), Caustic now sports the 5th highest pick rate as well".

Wraith No Longer The Most Popular Apex Legend

As for whom wears the crown now is yet to be known. Despite the recent buffs, Caustic occupies fifth place according to Klein, although he failed to divulge to who sits on the throne.


It's likely that Fuse makes the top three, coming in with the new-feel factor, whilst his predecessor Horizon has also kicked up some fuss since she entered the arena. The Scottish braveheartess is most peoples guess for the top pick. As for the final pick, cover us in brown paint and call us stumped. Mirage's improved cloaking ability, Loba's teleportation, and Lifeline's self-functioning Doc drone have all been relevant in recent times, with at least one of the three tending to occupy a place in the squad.

Wraith won't go down without a fight though. You better believe she'll be back strong.



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Image via Respawn Entertainment

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