An image of a green Twitch Prime skin for Mirage was leaked on Twitter

15:00, 06 Mar 2020

Apex Legends could be gearing up for another holiday-themed celebration, as a green and orange Mirage skin was revealed to be coming out in Mid-March.

A Twitch-Prime exclusive skin image for Mirage was leaked, via ILootGames on Twitter. The skin shows Mirage’s classic utility jumpsuit in a recolour of vibrant green with a clover print and a new redheaded hairstyle. This all appears to be hinting towards a St Patricks Day-themed event. The annual Irish festival falls on March 17, coincidentally the day that the System Override event will end.

Apex Past Events

Apex has a history of running holiday-themed events, with game modes and exclusive cosmetic items to earn or purchase. Past events have included 'Fight or Fright' during Halloween, and the 'Holo-Day Bash' which took place over the Christmas period.  

ILootGames also revealed a better look at the Mirage skin, a little less red-faced than the Twitch Prime image, which can be seen below;


ILootGames also provided a Crypto recolour image, again showing off an emerald green suit, adding more clout to the St Patricks Day event rumour.


We can’t wait for a St Patrick’s Day-themed event (we predict “pots of gold” at the end of rainbows) and hope that’s just what Respawn have up their sleeves.


Images via ILootGames & Respawn Entertainment

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