From March 3 - 17, log in to Apex Legends to try out the limited time mode and more!

18:49, 27 Feb 2020

Fresh off the back of a weekend of Kings Canyon's return, Apex Legends has announced a new in-game event - the System Override Collection Event. The event, announced by developer SaladGuy-RSPN on the official EA site and on Twitter. 

Running from March 3rd to March 17th, what can players logging in to Apex expect? 

A limited time mode titled "Deja Loot" will run over the 2 weeks, making its debut in Worlds Edge, but moving in the second week to the recently-returned Kings Canyon map.  Every week, the loot on the map will never change spawn, meaning you may be able to recall the best loot spots and keep returning to them to suit up and secure the win. The circle locations will be locked into place for the entirety of that day, so players with good memories are sure to come out on top. 

This limited-time mode will feature the "Evo Shield", a new shield item that starts out as a half-broken common shield (white) but as you do damage to players, the HP increases, eventually making it even stronger than the purple variant (epic). If you eliminate a player with an Evo Shield, their progress is carried over to you, so be sure to keep an eye out for players with a distinctive glow. Depending on the popularity and usage of the item, Respawn has already hinted they may include this in Apex Legends permanently. 

As well as a new mode to try out, in true Apex fashion, there are also cosmetic items included in this event, specifically an exclusive event prize track (with two legendary weapon skins) which can be seen below. You’ll be able to earn up to 1000 points per challenge set and it will reroll daily.


The System Override Collection Event brings another set of 24 themed, limited-time cosmetics to Apex Legends (available through direct purchase) and in Event Apex Packs. Each Event Pack will come with one event item and two non-event items (can be anything from finishers to banner frames, kill quips and crafting metals). If you unlock all 24 items, you'll unlock the brand new Octane Heirloom set for free! 

Check out the following event pack item drop rates:


 If you don’t manage to unlock this new Heirloom set during the event, it will be available via random drop in Apex Packs after the event ends.

The last tidbit of news from this latest Apex announcement is the changing up of Heirloom set drops. Players can receive a full Heirloom set for a character (such as Bloodhound or Lifeline) all at once in a random Apex Pack, and are never available for direct purchase. Respawn are changing up the system and will now allow you to receive Heirloom Shards instead of these cosmetic items, which can be traded in to the Heirloom shop to make sure you get the item you most desire (much like crafting metals). 

Make sure you drop into the System Override Event running March 3rd to 17th to try out the new mode, get your hands on limited time cosmetic items, and prove your place among the Legends!

Images via EA Games/Respawn Entertainment

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