Animal Crossing Players Vow To Return After Nintendo's Latest Update

Animal Crossing Players Vow To Return After Nintendo's Latest Update
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Joseph Kime


15th Oct 2021 15:41

Animal Crossing: New Horizons might still have its dedicated fans, but for the most part, its hype has stagnated. We were all obsessed around the start of the pandemic, but now that we’re able to see our real-life mates, our villagers have taken a bit of a back seat. I'm sorry, Rod.

The October 15 Animal Crossing update stream was expected to bring some good news, as Brewster was teased for the Museum, along with some other minor additions. Except, they weren’t minor. In fact, the new update is so massive, it’s poised to bring many fans back to the game.

Fans Gush Online About New Animal Crossing Update

The new update has confirmed the return of fan-favourite characters like Brewster, Katarina, Tortimer, and Kapp’n. If that wasn't enough, it's set to introduce a new paid DLC based on the 3DS spin-off Happy Home Designer, new ways to interact with your villagers, and has assured the return of gyroids. The update may be the last major update to the game, but it's a dream come true for many fans - and they’re going wild on Twitter.

But, among the incredible news of the update, one minor detail has blown fans away. That’s right. Froggy Chair is back.

Fans Lose Their Minds Over The Return Of Froggy Chair

The beloved Froggy Chair, the chair designed like a froggy (would you believe) was shamefully absent in New Horizons. But now, after a glimpse of the legendary throne appeared in the update video, fans are losing their minds over the thought of sitting atop the froggy once again.

This new update is packing some incredible content (yes, with Froggy Chair being one of the greatest additions), and it’s going to bring a lot of fans back to the game. Even if we've left our islanders to fend for themselves, we can’t wait to have a reason to go back. Rod, if you’re reading this, don’t worry. I’m on my way.


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