Animal Crossing Fans Slam 'Disappointing' Update

Animal Crossing Fans Slam 'Disappointing' Update

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Tom Chapman


10th Aug 2021 16:57

You asked for it and you got it - well, sort of. After Animal Crossing: New Horizons players begged and pleaded for a new update, Nintendo delivered one. It's just not the kind of update you might be looking for.

We recently covered how players have been calling for a substantial update for the peaceful island sim, however, we also asked whether anyone really cares any more. It's been over a year since Tom Nook sailed back into our lives and continued his capitalist ventures, but now, New Horizons is in danger of dying a death.

Why do fans hate the new Animal Crossing update?

Although news of an Animal Crossing: New Horizons update on August 10 should've relit the campfires beneath the Crossing community. It's had the exact opposite effect. In fact, outraged islanders claim Nintendo has done little more than add some clouds to the skies above our colourful paradises. 

A translation of the 1.11.1 patch notes reads (roughly) as follows, "Fixed a bug where clouds did not appear in some seasons". Clouds apparently weren't appearing in summer, which sounds like a pretty first-world problem if you ask us. Still, Nintendo felt the need to make it the focus of the patch notes. Obviously, this has led players to ask, "What else have you done?"

The translated patch notes confirm a few minor bug fixes, but annoyingly, nothing about that mythical content that's supposed to keep us busy for the rest of 2021. Apparently, these are the bug fixes included in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update:

  • Fixed a bug that the order was not correct when rearranging in “Obtained order” in the “DIY recipe” app.
  • Fixed a bug where the colour variations of certain items were not displayed in the catalogue at the shooting studio of “Panny Island”.
  • Fixed a bug that the closing BGM of “Tanuki Shoten” did not flow.
  • Fixed a bug where clouds did not appear in some seasons.

Can Nintendo still save Animal Crossing?

Yet again, it's another middle finger to patient players who've been sat twiddling their thumbs. Once you've harvested all your supplies and filled the New Horizons museum, there isn't a lot to do right now. Even though New Horizons was a welcome way to escape the horrors of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've become restless for more content. 

Put it this way, Mario Golf: Super Rush has already added a substantial update that added Toadette. That's from a game that's only been out a matter of weeks. Thankfully, there's some potential good news on the horizon. Dataminers (via DodoCodes) claim the fan-favourite Brewster could be on the way. Although this plucky pigeon and his famous café could be about to set up shop in the museum.

Even if the latest update just added some clouds to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo has promised more substantial updates are on the way in the rest of the year. Perhaps we were spoiled in the first year of AC giving us free seasonal updates, but either way, we wouldn't count clouds in the sky as an "update". Come on, Nintendo. Do better.


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