Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players Find A Hidden Ghost

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players Find A Hidden Ghost
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Joseph Kime


17th Jan 2022 09:26

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has offered fans a lot of treats along its life cycle, with various events and updates providing fresh content for the cult favourite on the Switch. The spookier side of the game is particularly good fun, bringing Jack the Halloween Czar out of hiding - asking for candy to get you in the scary spirit.

But, it seems that the spooks aren't limited just to events and stumbling across Wisp every once in a while - because as it turns out, there's a terrifying spirit hiding in the game.

What Is The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ghost?

One Animal Crossing fan has come across an incredibly creepy detail hidden in a home wallpaper that nobody has identified yet, that sees a sinister poltergeist creeping closer and closer to the player.

The Graveyard Wallpaper is creepy at the best of times, but as it turns out, it hides a ghost that gets closer and closer to the room it's plastered in depending on the room's lighting.

The video showing off the wallpaper was shared to the Animal Crossing subreddit, and sees the player flip through lighting options, as the ghost that once stood far away moves closer and to a different position with every flip of the switch. Eep.

Players React To New Horizons' Secret Ghost

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players Find A Hidden Ghost
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Fans are reasonably pretty freaked out by the poltergeist, especially as it had been under their noses the whole time. "The fact this ghost is photorealistic in a game like Animal Crossing makes the thing even creepier", says one commenter. 

"MatPat has entered the chat" says another, and frankly, we're waiting with bated breath for this ghost's Game Theory episode.

The ghost is an eerie element of the game we didn't see coming, and could well be a part of Animal Crossing's lore that we'd missed. We'll be cowering in the museum if you need us.


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