Animal Crossing Player Turns Their Island Into An Unplayable Hedge Maze

Animal Crossing Player Turns Their Island Into An Unplayable Hedge Maze
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Tarran Stockton


11th Nov 2021 16:12

Ever return to a game after a long hiatus and completely forget what you're doing? It's a nightmarish scenario of trying to familiarise yourself with distant memories and vague ideas. However, one gamer has taken this to the extreme after returning to their Animal Crossing: New Horizons save to find themselves softlocked by their own creation.

How Has The Player Softlocked Themselves On Animal Crossing?

Writer and actor, Avery Monsen, took to Twitter to share their predicament upon returning to Animal Crossing for the first time in a year. Monsen had turned their entire island into a hedge maze, making much of the game unplayable. Still, it proved to be a hilarious issue for someone to run into. 

Many players have found themselves booting New Horizons back up recently for the huge 2.0 update, which adds new features sure to engross the playerbase once more. There are even returning characters from past entries, and a paid expansion on the way based on the 3DS spin-off Happy Home Designer

Monsen's problem is that much of the new content, and even the initial Animal Crossing content, is now inaccessible due to the maze taking up all the island's room. This restricts them from pottering about to collect items and complete quests for the island's inhabitants. 

All is not lost though, as they have one of the more unique island's of Animal Crossing players, even going so far as to share their Dream Address on Twitter, challenging other players to find the hidden gold.

What Were People's Replies To The Post?

We'd imagine many people's first response was the same as our office upon seeing the Tweet shared in the group chat - an eruption of chaotic laughter. Sucks for Avery Monsen, but it's one of the funniest ways we've ever seen someone handicap themselves on a game, but they took it on good humour.

Many kind souls even took the time to solve the maze, tracing lines across the map to point out the ways to enter and exit. Monsen did say the isometric map was somewhat misleading, as certain paths that looked doable weren't even connected. Many others suggested using a ladder, but again Monsen brushed off the idea, claiming the hedge walls prohibited the use of a ladder. 

For now, Monsen will probably have to start up another island to try the new update, or get busy deconstructing the maze. Either way, we wish them luck in their endeavour.


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