Animal Crossing: New Horizons Glitch Strips Villagers Naked

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Glitch Strips Villagers Naked

Written by 

Tom Chapman


3rd Dec 2021 14:58

We always knew there was something off about Tom Nook, but now, it looks like he could be caught in a sexual harassment case. That's right, he's stripping villagers naked. 

When it comes to the world of wholesome video games, there are few that rival Animal Crossing. Alongside the adorable villagers, the game's colourful art style and simplistic tasks mean it's a million miles away from bloodier FPS titles like Call of Duty

Whether it's tending to your pumpkin patch and then popping by to get a cup of coffee with Brewster, kitting out your home with some help from Wardell, or exploring the oceans with Kapp'n, New Horizons is a family-friendly affair for all... or is it? 

What Is The Naked Animal Crossing Glitch?

The internet is filled with worried players posting about their villagers wandering around in the buff. Yes, we know they're just pixel animals, but still, we've come to expect them to be dressed in their finery over the past 20 years.

There's apparently an Animal Crossing glitch in the Happy Home Paradise DLC that sees one particular locale turned into a nudist colony. The Full Monty strip show seemingly occurs on Lottie's vacation islands in the café. We're not sure why it's happening here or how to fix it, so get used to naked villagers for now.

Of course, it's led to a wave of hilarious posts where players show off their nude villagers in all their glory. We guess it's a bit like when Donald Duck puts on a towel when getting out of the shower - despite the fact he wears no trousers.

What Have Players Said About The Animal Crossing Nude Glitch?

Thankfully, most players have been taking this in their stride and have learned to avert their eyes. The original post seemed to appear about 25 days ago and still hasn't been fixed. It showed a "naked" Molly flapping around. As one gamer wrote, "Well… it doesn’t feel inappropriate. Molly now looks like a regular duck and it’s… kinda cute lol."

Others said, "People making weird comments in the comments section did not pass the vibe check" and "You can't release her nudes just like that O.o." Someone else questioned why we're suddenly so obsessed with nude villagers when KK Slider has been walking around in the nuddy this entire time.

If you'd ever wondered what's going on beneath Marina's clothes, there are no surprises for guessing she just looks like a regular octopus. Thank goodness for that. In the meantime, Animal Crossing: New Horizons looks like a furry convention.


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