Leaker Confirms Everything Coming In The Next Nintendo Direct

Leaker Confirms Everything Coming In The Next Nintendo Direct
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29th Jul 2021 11:56

The Nintendo Direct has become an incredible gaming event. Many gaming companies have tried to replicate the incredible hype that comes with a surprise Direct and fallen flat on their faces, because nobody has cultural power like Nintendo. With every announcement, social media enters a frenzy - what’s coming? What does Nintendo have to reveal? Are we finally getting Pikmin 4/ the Earthbound remake/ Geno in Smash?

Nothing quite compares to a Nintendo Direct, and the whole gaming world knows it. And now, a leaker has suggested they know exactly what’s coming in the next Direct.

Nintendo insider Samus Hunter has relayed some details about a supposed upcoming conference, and it’s set to be pretty exciting.

When Is The Next Nintendo Direct?

Leaker Reveals New Nintendo Direct
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According to the leaker, the next Nintendo Direct is set to take place sometime in September, around the time of the launch of WarioWare: Get It Together!. We’ve some time to wait, and the time between now and then is so long that it could bring the leak’s validity into question, but as long as we take the following with a pinch of salt, there’s still every chance that some elements could remain true.

What’s In The Leaked Nintendo Direct?

Leaker Reveals New Nintendo Direct
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In a Twitter thread, Samus Hunter suggests the contents of the new upcoming Direct, insisting they can’t know for sure what’s coming, but can only decide what they see as “very likely”. “Surely the focus game will be Metroid Dread, while Advance Wars and Mario Party” will have sections dedicated to some new features”, they say.

“There are also several major updates planned, the aforementioned Animal Crossing [update], the reveal of the latest character in Smash and the DLC with the new story of Hyrule Warriors. Third parties will also play an important role, Capcom has to reveal a Resident Evil for the Switch.”

They go on to suggest that Splatoon 3 could get a look-in if its marketing stays on track, and they doubt we’ll see anything from Breath of the Wild 2 or Bayonetta 3.

Either way, if this leak comes to be true, it could be a big Direct, especially with the final Smash DLC character potentially being the series’ biggest.

Whether any of this is true remains to be seen, but either way, we’re excited to get a Direct no matter the shape it takes. Roll on September!


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