PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds have released a Lore Page, which will eventually delve into the backstory.

14:20, 10 Oct 2020

Many of the most popular games have in-depth backstories to their worlds and characters. MOBA's such League of Legends have extensive stories behind their champions and Smite bounces off actual Mythology to provide a deeper analysis of their gods. Even battle royale games like Apex Legends have their own lore, as The Outlands' favourite competitors stories stem back to their haunting childhoods. 

Now, PlayerUnkown Battlegrounds Players will be able to understand what stemmed the post-apocalyptic warfare which can only end with one surviving squad. PUBG developers have created an official lore website, which intends to allow players to know "more about the truth behind the Battlegrounds".

The site has yet to be fully launched, however, this latest PUBG news means that we will be able to connect with the characters on an interpersonal level in the near future. There is yet to be a date for the full launch, but anticipators can sign up to the site for future information.

The accompanying video of PUBG's lore website announcement shown a glimpse of what we can expect. Describing a disgraced archaeologist and active cultists adventure to the mountains of Peru, the location of the new map that is currently in development. The lore video states "It is a story of madness and obsession, corporate espionage, and one very, very large rock. Northop went searching for answers, but the more he dug, the more found himself buried in mysteries unknown". 

Previously, we were treated to the first-ever batch of PUBG lore, as the developers released a cinematic trailer called "the first lone survivor of Erangel", followed by another clip named "Tragedy at Dinoland" earlier this year. It does seem that PUBG will soon dive into the past life of puppet master Andy, submachine gun geek Victor, myth-buster Sara, and many more characters. 



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Image via PUBG

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