Among Us Developers Explain Why Next Update Is Taking So Long

Among Us Developers Explain Why Next Update Is Taking So Long

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Jack Marsh


20th Jan 2021 17:33

The hit party game Among Us caught the attention of millions of gamers, and non-gamers, in a time where the world was crying out for an escape. Pitching friends, families, enemies, or even strangers against each other in a fun yet wildly competitive environment, Among Us has since retained a large player base unlike so many other party games that came before it. 

However, interest has begun to dwindle, with eyes looking towards survival games to escape the harsh realities of real life. In a bid to keep Among Us on top, the developers revealed that a new map will be on its way: Airship. Unveiled on December 10, 2020, the map inspired by Innersloth's other game (The Henry Stickman Collection) will boast a large surface area with brand-new tasks and secrets to be unearthed or kept depending on your crewmate status. 

However, since the announcement, everything has been quiet from Innersloth, with only a slither of a look at Airship and the only time frame being granted is "early 2021".

Community Director, Victoria Tran, took to the developers' blog to inform fans what's going on, explaining that their focus has primarily been shifted towards bringing Among Us to console, rather than the development of the map. She wrote "Yeeeep, we’ve had an EXTREMELY busy time. Trying to make sure you can play the game on your preferred platform, and we’re excited to have the Xbox community along as crewmates". 

Tran added that the game is now available on Nintendo Switch, with Xbox following shortly. Among Us has also been enlisted on the Epic Games Store, rather than just Steam, opening it up to even more PC players.

Despite the transparency, there has still yet to be a proper time frame set for the update, so strap yourselves in with an asteroid belt, we could be here for a while.


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Image via Innersloth

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