Among Us Next Update Brings Big Changes To Lobbies And Characters

Among Us Next Update Brings Big Changes To Lobbies And Characters

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Sascha Heinisch


21st Apr 2021 14:51

Hey, Among Us. Long time no see. The summer of 2020 indie smash hit by InnerSloth has announced a big upgrade that goes beyond just a couple of bug fixes, even though those will also be part of the update. Furthermore, the game is looking to release new player colours, an improved art style, and last but certainly not least a significant increase in lobby size to a whopping 15 players per lobby up from a former maximum of ten.

That this will have a significant impact on the way the game may be played is apparent, with the game's feel already being quite different when playing in smaller and larger lobbies. The 15-player-lobbies promise sheer chaos, especially when played with common mods for the game like proximity chat and the addition of new roles. 


Of course, the colour selection also needed to be extended with currently only 12 colours in the game and the gameplay implications of two players sharing a couple being a big obstacle to coherent gameplay otherwise. Which colours are being added is so far not known.

Unfortunately, the window for the release of the update is still unknown but given the history of when InnerSloth used to tease their new updates, it shouldn't take much longer for the update to go live.

InnerSloth had announced a tighter release schedule on updates in a blog post earlier this year, outlining that they had focused on the game becoming available on other platforms before delving once again into developing new features for the multiplayer social deduction game. Furthermore, the game had gained popularity long after already being presumed done by the small development team of three friends. Only when Twitch streamers like Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris started picking up the game and playing it with other large streamers did the game receive a second wind, blowing past all expectations the development team had. Confronted with the new situation, they had to reorganise their work structures which has taken them some time to get in place. Now firmly situated, updates will start flowing.

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