Someone Sold An Among Us Chicken Nugget For Nearly $100,000

Someone Sold An Among Us Chicken Nugget For Nearly $100,000

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Tom Chapman


2nd Jun 2021 13:17

Crisps that look like American presidents, vegetables that look like rude appendages, chicken nuggets that look like Among Us astronauts? Well, now we’ve heard it all. While InnerSloth’s social deduction game might not be as popular as it once was, that hasn’t stopped loyal fans blasting off into the cold abyss of space to slice and dice each other in this whodunnit.

When it comes to Among Us, the game is largely known for its coloured astronauts. Even though we don't get to see what's going on behind their visors, there's an expanded lore about what they really look like. Either way, they've become synonymous with the game thanks to their distinct shape. Now, McDonald's has inadvertently introduced its own Among Us crossover. In a bizarre turn of events where gaming fans are searching for collectables, it looks like someone is willing to spend $100,000/£64,000 on a chicken nugget. What's even worse, is the fact it isn't even fresh. 


Why is someone buying an Among Us chicken nugget?

Among Us Chicken Nugget
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At the time of writing, the Among Us chicken nugget has sold for a whopping $99,997 on eBay. There were 184 bids on the nuggie, although how many of them were genuine is yet to be seen. The astronaut-shaped nugget apparently came from a BTS Happy Meal that was used to promote the K-pop band. It started at just $0.99, but after the official Among Us account shared the auction, the price has gone through the roof.

Considering the official Among Us account has shared the listing, it's no surprise it's since gone viral. As the Twitterverse discussed the current condition of the nugget, someone challenged the InnerSloth team and said, "Buy it and eat it on a live stream, establish dominance over all of us. lol". Either way, if you're a BTS and Among Us fan, this should be a must-have addition to your collection. 


What's next for the Among Us chicken nugget?

The problem with eBay is that bids aren't guaranteed. If the top bid isn't legitimate, we'd also guess that some of the others are just for the "banter". While a $100,000 price tag for an off chicken nugget might seem like a baffling amount to spend, it will probably still go for more than your average nugget. McDonald's has a strange history with eBay, and who could forget when vats of Szechuan Sauce started going for ridiculous sums when Rick and Morty bizarrely resurrected the 1998 tie-in for Mulan?

Part of us thinks the whole Among Us nugget is just a ploy from InnerSloth to make sure gamers keep playing the game. In the meantime, expect the BTS Happy Meals to start flying out of McDonald's outlets as hunters look for more Among Us-shaped nuggies. Well, if you can make a cool $100,000 from one nugget, it might persuade us to leave one in the box. Then again, we'd probably just end up scoffing it after a night out.


Images via InnerSloth | McDonald's | eBay

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