All Ghillied Up 2 Mission 'Confirmed' In Modern Warfare 2 Campaign

All Ghillied Up 2 Mission 'Confirmed' In Modern Warfare 2 Campaign

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Jack Marsh


17th Aug 2022 11:33

It might just be the most iconic mission in Call of Duty history. All Ghillied Up is everything that CoD should be, depicting an undercover stealth mission with the badass duo Lieutenant John Price and Captain MacMillan inching their way through overgrown grassy terrain as you pick off enemies with your sniper one-by-one.

The CoD 4 (Modern Warfare) mission is well-known for its perfectly-balanced stealth gameplay and engaging storyline, with most players avidly remembering dropping into the grass to let tanks and troops past to weave through the Chernobyl marshland. 

Having played a pivotal role in the entire Modern Warfare franchise, All Ghillied Up is back, as Infinity Ward has all but confirmed that the Modern Warfare 2 campaign will feature a similar mission dressed head-to-toe in ghillie suits.

Modern Warfare 2 Campaign 'Confirms' All Ghillied Up 2 Mission

In a recent announcement that the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign will be released with an entire week of early access, Infinity Ward produced some new key imagery for the campaign which features operators in their entire ghillie suits, even covering the sniper in the same camouflage. 

The images also accompanied a short two-second clip of the operators in action, lying prone in the grass and aiming down the scope.

All Ghillied Up 2
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The campaign is now set to be released "up to a week early" from the October 28 Modern Warfare 2 release date, and the devs have now continued their teasing of the All Ghillied Up mission sequel.


Infinity Ward Offer All Ghillied Up 2 Mission Details

Back in June, ModernWarzone detailed a range of missions described by Infinity Ward, including the already-previewed Oil Rig mission among others.

One mission, in particular, was described as, "a mission in a massive field in the Northwestern part of Spain," where players would be "taking shots from 400 to 500 meters out, accounting for bullet drop and other factors". A field-like mission with sniper action sounds like an All Ghillied Up sequel, which would kick off Modern Warfare 2's lifeline in style.

It's not yet clear as to whether the mission will be as long as All Ghillied Up, or as impactful, but all we do know is that you're going to be getting down and dirty in your camo suits and using the sniper to find the ends to your mean. Watch your six, and stay frosty.

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