Fans Think 'Abandoned' Is A Secret Metal Gear Solid Game

Fans Think 'Abandoned' Is A Secret Metal Gear Solid Game
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30th Jul 2021 13:51

2021 is a huge year for gaming, but away from the delayed Halo Infinite and all-star releases from the likes of Resident Evil Village and Far Cry 6, there's a surprising game that's grabbing everyone's attention. Although PlayStation 5 exclusives including Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon's Souls have nabbed plenty of press, the mysterious Abandoned has everyone talking.

It's rare that we know nothing about a new release, however, Abandoned has us suitably stumped. With literally no details about the survival horror, it's led gamers to wonder whether Abandoned is actually a secret title from an established IP.

Blue Box has done its best to distance the game from these rumours, but now, the latest update hints that Abandoned is a secret Metal Gear Solid game.

Why do players think Abandoned is a secret Metal Gear Solid game?

Abandoned has just released an interactive app, that will be used to show off the game's first trailer on August 10. Fans already know the final name won't be Abandoned, which already means the app has been renamed the Realtime Experience app. To celebrate, Blue Box released a cryptic image that features a familiar-looking face in the background.

When Blue Box shared a celebration tweet, it didn't take eagle-eyed sleuths long to realise the mystery man in the background looks a lot like Metal Gear favourites Solid Snake or Big Boss. The tinfoil hat theorists have gone as far as claiming Hideo Kojima is the one behind Abandoned, however, that goes against the idea he's off to Microsoft after Sony rejected his latest game idea.

If this wasn't enough, Russian journalist Anton Logvinov backed up these claims and said Konami is working on a new Metal Gear game. Logvinov was the one who leaked the Horizon: Zero Dawn PC release, so he's been proved right before. In a tweet, Logvinov said, "Abandoned looks like Metal Gear Solid 6. Well, that is, Konami is working on it. I have known this for a long time, and apparently, someone decided to imitate Kojima's marketing". 

Logvinov admitted that he's not sure whether Abandoned is a whole new Metal Gear or a remake, while it's also important to remember this has been translated and some important context might've been lost. All in all though, consider our interest piqued. 

Is Abandoned really a secret Metal Gear Solid game?

Remember that it wasn't that long ago we were all convinced Abandoned was a secret Silent Hill game. While Konami is known for several big franchises, both Silent Hill and Metal Gear have been lost in limbo. Barely a week goes by that there isn't some sort of rumour about Silent Hill revival, but as the years go by, that tormented town is still lying dormant.

The Silent Hill theories got so wild, Blue Box released a statement confirming Abandoned definitely isn't a secret game that will resurrect the nurses, Pyramid Head, and Robbie the Rabbit. Some were unconvinced, and although Blue Box has shied away from Silent HillMetal Gear is a whole different kettle of fish.

As for Metal Gear, there were recent fears the franchise could be leaving Konami, while others said Bluepoint Games could be working on a PS5 remake of Metal Gear Solid. It's no secret that Konami's big three of Silent HillMetal Gear, and Castlevania all delivered lacklustre outings for their final games - meaning all eyes are on whether they'll ever return to form.

While we're sold on the idea of Abandoned being a secret Metal Gear Solid game, we're also on board with the notion that Abandoned isn't a game at all. Instead, what if it's a holding company for revivals of Konami's big franchises that have been "abandoned" by the developer. Blue Box is clearly playing the long game with Abandoned (or whatever it's called), but we've got to say well played, well played indeed.


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