Demon's Souls Developer Reportedly 'Working On Metal Gear Solid PS5 Remake'

Demon's Souls Developer Reportedly 'Working On Metal Gear Solid PS5 Remake'

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Tom Chapman


21st Nov 2020 02:45

Bluepoint Games has only just put down its swords and shields with this year's Demon's Souls remaster, but now, the acclaimed developer could be putting its sights on a Metal Gear Solid PS5 remake. As launch titles go, Sony's PlayStation 5 has an impressive roster of exclusive games including Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. For those who want something a little darker, the remastered Demon's Souls is something beautiful to behold and shows exactly what Bluepoint can do.

It's hard to believe Metal Gear Solid first came out in 1998. Since then, Konami's stealth game has been heralded as one of the most important video games of all time and (rightly) spawned a franchise of sequels. Remember we previously had a remake in the form of 2004's Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes for the GameCube, however, as we enter a new generation of consoles, isn't it about time Solid Snake as a fresh lick of paint? 


Is a Metal Gear Solid PS5 remake on the way?

Posting on Twitter, YouTube streamer and Demon's Souls fanatic Lance McDonald teased that a Metal Gear Solid PS5 remake could be nudging closer. McDonald's tweet simply said, "Not one, but two". It's a reference to a comment made last year that the developer was working on two games. Going back well over a year, there were reports Bluepoint was working on either Demon's Souls or Metal Gear Solid. With the latest update, should we start the rumour mill back up again?

In terms of the legitimacy of these claims, let's remember Bluepoint has previously worked on a collection of HD Metal Gear remasters. Elsewhere, the host of the Game Awards recently suggested Sony and Konami w wereorking on something secretive - which many had hoped would be some progress on reviving the languishing Silent Hill series. A Metal Gear Solid remake would be something altogether more unexpected, but arguably, an even better treat.


What's going on with Sony and Komani?

It sounds like there's a lot going on behind the scenes when it comes to Sony and Konami. Alongside potentially bringing back Keiichiro Toyama to Silent Hill, others suggest a new Castlevania will be a Bloodborne-inspired RPG. Adding more fuel to the MGS fire, eagle-eyed/eared players spotted an Easter egg hiding in Demon's Souls. Posting on Reddit, fans pointed out how exploring the Nexus area leads to a blaring sound. Doing some digging, they came to the general consensus that it was the exact same sound as the Liquid Snake Metal Gear Rex boss from Metal Gear Solid.

We've already seen what Bluepoint can do with Demon's Souls, so we know the developer can perform in giving beloved titles a revamp. As we tear our next-gen consoles out of their boxes, it seems remastered games are the flavour of the day. If we don't get a MGS remaster, you have to ask when/if we ever will. It's all hearsay, and for now, we'll have to park the idea of a Metal Gear Solid PS5 remake in the maybe pile. 


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