A first-person The Last of Us is coming soon

A first-person The Last of Us is coming soon
Naughty Dog | Voyagers Revenge YouTube

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Tom Chapman


15th Apr 2023 12:15

We've not seen the last of The Last of Us, and we don't just mean because of HBO's live-action adaptation. As well as continued whispers that The Last of Us Part 3 is out there somewhere, there was the recent release for The Last of Us Part I on PC.

While the game's PS5 release in September 2022 was praised as being a faithful evolution of the 2013 title, its PC port on March 28 was marred with problems. Some called The Last of Us the "worst PC port of all time," but with the devs hot on the fixes, it's already running much more smoothly.

First-person The Last of Us is coming

If you've played the more recent Resident Evil games, you'll know they've dialled up the horror by shifting from the standardised third or third-person over-the-shoulder camera for an up close and personal first-person look. Now, The Last of Us is following suit.

YouTube channel Voyagers Revenge is working on a first-person The Last of Us mod. The latest video shows off nine minutes of combat, with Joel Miller blasting some Infected butt. We get to see Ellie and meet up with Bill, delivering an impressive showcase of what's to come.

Considering Voyagers Revenge has crafted a pretty impressive first-person The Last of Us, we question why Naughty Dog didn't do it for Part I. After all, we saw Resident Evil Village add a third-person option when it released its Winters' Expansion

The official description explains, "This PC mod is currently a work in progress," meaning we can't actually play the first-person The Last of Us yet. There's also no news on a release date, so you might be waiting a while. Still, it looks like a must-have download when eventually released.

What's next for The Last of Us?

Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann promised ComicBook.com the upcoming The Last of Us multiplayer game is "the most ambitious project we've ever done" He said it will expand the world further, "continuing to tell a story but in a multiplayer space." There's also a presumed The Last of Us Part II remake coming way down the line.

The big question is The Last of Us Part 3. The success of the HBO show will surely move things along, but while Druckmann has told Kinda Funny, "I know the fans really want The Last Of Us Part 3, I hear about it all the time," he's refused to confirm it's the developer's next game.

Druckman claims the team knows what the next game will be, and unless it's a Jak and Daxter revival, The Last of Us Part 3 makes the most sense. Hopefully, we'll have a first-person The Last of Us to play by then.

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