Fans slam The Last of Us Part 1 as 'worst PC port ever'

Fans slam The Last of Us Part 1 as 'worst PC port ever'
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29th Mar 2023 08:46

Though not many players were crying out for it, The Last of Us Part 1 was a great surprise for others. As expected, PS5 players were blessed with the best version of one of the greatest games ever made.

Call it a cash grab all you like, but playing the game is a whole other story. With newly tidied-up combat and visuals that are second to none in the industry, the 2013 title has been completely overhauled.

After players got their hands on the game, those left out in the cold on PC were wondering when they'd get the chance to experience Joel and Ellie's story all over again - and that time is finally here. However, some aren't particularly happy about it.

Fans hate The Last of Us Part I's PC port

So far, the response to The Last of Us Part 1's arrival on Steam has been utterly woeful. The title has being struck with a "mostly negative" rating and reports of atrocious visuals across the board. This is a huge leap and bound from the PC port of Marvel's Spider-Man, which was pretty much universally beloved.

At the time of writing, there are 9.1K reviews, with 6.2K of them being negative. One angry critic raged, "I already returned it, one of the most poorly optimized pieces of trash to come thru the Steam Store," while another fumed, "Wow this runs like cr*p."

The visuals are messy in this version of the game anyway, but there are also videos and reports of player models switching to their wet versions in the middle of conversations for no reason. Someone summed it up by writing, "Feels like Cyberpunk release all over again."

Before you try to refund or threaten to throw your PC out of the window, it thankfully looks like Naughty Dog is on the case. The question remains, is it too little, too late? 

Naughty Dog is trying to fix TLoU Part I's PC port

Quick to jump on the immediate negative response, Naughty Dog isn't wasting any time in getting the problem fixed. A good job, as on Twitter, user @Skazzy3 said, "The Last of Us PC Port might be the worst f*****g port I've ever played of a video game."

"The Last of Us Part I PC players: we've heard your concerns, and our team is actively investigating multiple issues you've reported," reads a new announcement on Naughty Dog's Twitter account. "We will continue to update you, but our team is prioritizing updates and will address issues in upcoming patches."

Thank goodness a fix is in the works - because fans are absolutely seething. Not a good look for what some dub the best game in the potentially boasting the worst PC port.

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