Here's how you can respec skills in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Here's how you can respec skills in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
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3rd Mar 2023 12:34

To try out different builds in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty or to undo the mistake you made in distributing skill points to the wrong Virtue, you must know how to respec your skill points in the game. But since the game doesn't tell you, we are here with a handy Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty guide that explains how you can respec skill points and assign them to a different Virtue. 

How do you respec your skills

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you can respec your skill points using the Reset Parameters option you get when you talk to Zuo Ci at the Hidden Village at Mt. Tianzhushan.

The Hidden Village at Mt. Tianzhushan is like the Firelink Shrine from Dark Souls games and the Hunter's Dream from Bloodborne, a safe area where you will find different NPCs, vendors, and other things.

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That said, when you arrive at the Hidden Village at Mt. Tianzhushan for the first time, Zuo Ci is absent, and his hut is locked out. To bring him back to the village, you must complete the Part 3 main quest called In Search of the Immortal Wizard.

Guess what? The Immortal Wizard you and Hong Jing are looking for is none other than Zuo Ci, Hong Jing's master. At the end of the said main quest, after you defeat the main boss, a cutscene will play out where you meet Zuo Ci for the first time.

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After that, you can return back to the Hidden Village at Mt. Tianzhushan. You will find Zuo Ci's hut unlocked and him sitting inside. Interact with him and select the first dialogue option that says "Reset Parameters."

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Doing so will open the Skill Respec menu, where you can use the D-Pad to adjust skill points in the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water Virtue. The best part is that, unlike souls games, you don't have to pay a price for respec.

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You can respec your skill points in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty unlimited times. So, feel free to run different builds to choose the best one suited for you.

How to teleport to Hidden Village at Mt. Tianzhushan

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You can teleport to the Hidden Village at Mt. Tianzhushan using the Travel option that appears in the Rest menu when you rest at any Battle Flag. 

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Make your way to the nearest Battle Flag and interact with it. Select the Travel option and then navigate to the Others section. Now, use the arrow keys or the D-Pad to navigate the different teleport options. To reach Hidden Village at Mt. Tianzhushan, select the "In the Hidden Village" card. 

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