Weird West Shelby Cross: How To Find And Kill The Stillwater Boss

Weird West Shelby Cross: How To Find And Kill The Stillwater Boss
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The Weird West Shelby Cross character is the leader of the Stillwater gang, who act as the antagonists during the first episode that follows bounty hunter Jane Bell. During Weird West's five episodes you'll come across plenty of characters that can be interacted with in a variety of ways, leading to changes in the world state and narrative. The Weird West Shelby Cross character is one of these who you can completely miss, so read on to find out how to activate the Copper Mountain Quarry levers and kill him.

Weird West Shelby Cross: Copper Mountain Quarry

To track down and kill Shelby Cross, you'll need to get to the Copper Mountain Quarry, which the main story should lead you to for the final part of episode one. When you arrive, you'll need to kill or sneak past some enemies outside before entering the quarry itself, but you can find a key on top of a crate near to the entrance or pick the lock.

Weird West Shelby Cross: Copper Mountain Quarry Levers

Weird West Shelby Cross lever 1
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Once inside, you'll want to look for the Copper Mountain Quarry levers. There are three inside the area which you will need to activate before you can find Shelby Cross. For the first, you'll need to get past some enemies in the first area, but follow the train track into a flooded cavern with some sirens inside. In this area is the first of three switches that you'll need to activate. Follow the train tracks, and then jump to a rock ledge on the left side that overlooks the cavern. From there you can see the first switch in the corner on a ledge, so just shoot it or access it from a later room.


Weird West Shelby Cross lever 2
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If you follow the train tracks through the entire flooded cavern, you'll come to a table in the water next to a torch, You can use the table to jump up to a rock ledge that leads into a different room. Inside there you can find the second lever in a corner.

Continue forward by walking into a larger chamber with enemies, and a door at the very end that should have one pillar protruding from the floor in front. This is the door you'll eventually open, but first you need to get the last lever. If follow the corridor left from the door and go past the 'keep out' sign, you'll come into a room with a cell and a raised bridge that leads to it. 

Weird West Shelby Cross lever 3
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Kill the enemies and then lower the bridge to finally unite with your husband. After this, there will be a gap in the cell where you can jump to a rock ledge across a large drop. Make the jump and follow the ledge to a curtain where you can interact with the final lever. 

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Weird West Shelby Cross: Fighting Shelby

Weird West Shelby Cross
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After activating all the Copper Mountain Quarry levers, return to the door in the room before finding your husband, and you'll be able to walk through. You can follow a flooded corridor and enter into a larger room by entering a curtain or using a gap in the wall. Inside you'll find Shelby Cross and another character. You need to kill them in human form and siren form before they die, but it will reward you with some loot, like a three-star shotgun and machete, along with a chest that holds a Nimp Relic.

Killing Shelby will cause the Stillwater gang to break up, and other characters will comment on this in the following episodes. Leaving Shelby alive on the hand will cause him to show up later on.

That's our walkthrough of how to find and kill the Weird West Shelby Cross character in episode one, and now you know where to find each lever to open the secret door in Copper Mountain Quarry. 

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