Weird West Characters: What Are The Playable Characters In-Game?

Weird West Characters: What Are The Playable Characters In-Game?
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1st Apr 2022 11:38

There are five playable Weird West characters, with each one getting their own focused episode where you'll play through a vignette of their life in the west. Weird West's episodic structure is ambitious, allowing it to tell a series of narratives while balancing an overall plot that connects them all. If you want a quick primer on the different Weird West characters and what sets them all apart, read on.

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Weird West Characters: The Bounty Hunter

Weird West Characters bounty hunter
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The first episode of Weird West sees you play as an ex-bounty hunter called Jane Bell, who's thrust back into the life after her husband is kidnapped, and her farm destroyed by the Stillwater gang. It acts as an introductory episode to the mechanics and general feel of the world and is the most 'normal' compared to what follows, which really delve deep into the weirdness of this fantasy western setting. 

The Bounty Hunter's abilities are:

  • Roundhouse Kick - Deals extra damage and knockback on all kick attacks for twenty seconds upon activation.
  • Shrapnel Mine - Sets an explosive trap that goes off when enemies walk into its radius.
  • Charm - Will turn all enemies in the ability radius into friendlies for eight seconds.
  • Quick Thinker - Slows down time for six seconds while letting you move at normal speed for all your actions.

Weird West Characters: The Pigman

Weird West Characters pigman
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Episode two puts you into the shoes of a recently turned Pigman, who are people who've been cursed by a vindictive witch and forced to spend the rest of their days cocooned in the flesh of a hog. You're one of the few who can talk though, and you'll spend the episode trying to find out who you were and what led to your horrific circumstances. 

The Pigman's abilities are:

  • Putrid Cloud - Creates a cloud of poison around you, and leaves a poison puddle on the floor that stays around for a while after the ability ends.
  • Rubber Skin - All bullets will ricochet off your body for ten seconds.
  • Unstoppable Charge - Charge ahead in a straight line while dealing damage and stunning enemies you run into.
  • Shockwave - Pounds the ground in a small radius around you, dealing damage and stunning enemies.
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Weird West Characters: The Protector

Weird West Characters protectors
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In episode three you'll play a hunter in the Lost Fire Nation tribe called Across Rivers, who is a native to these lands. This episode sees you fighting the force of greed, embodied by an ancient spirit called Wiindigo, while also balancing your relationship with the colonisers who are the source of constant tension for your tribe. 

The Protector's abilities are:

  • Cousin Bear - Summons a spirit bear that will fight by your side for 15 seconds.
  • Western Wind - Creates a tornado that moves around, capturing enemies and objects before launching them. It also takes on the effects of any element it comes into contact with.
  • Surefooted - Lets you move in complete silence for ten seconds, while also moving 25% faster.
  • Thunderbird Strike - Summon a lightning bolt to strike where you are standing and deal AoE damage.


Weird West Characters: The Werewolf

Weird West Characters werewolf
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For the fourth episode of the game, you are put in the shoes of Desidério Ríos, a werewolf who's been created to protect the Absolutionists, a religious sect that wishes to remove all supernatural forces from the west. You're forced into becoming the chosen one for a prophecy that's supposed to see you lead an army of werewolves, though obviously, you can forsake all that too.

The Werewolf's abilities are:

  • Yeb's Fire - Summons a ring of fire around you for eight seconds.
  • Yeb's Invisibility - You and any allies become fully invisible for ten seconds, but you move slower.
  • Inun's Strength - Boost the armour of yourself in any allies in the radius for ten seconds.
  • Inun's Healing - Create a circle for healing on the ground that lasts for ten seconds. 
  • Shapeshift - Allows you to turn into your werewolf form for 15 seconds. 
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Weird West Characters: The Oneirist

Weird West Characters oneirist
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The last episode of Weird West lets you play as an initiate into the Oneirist coven, called Constance. As an Oneirist, you'll attempt to harness the power of Dreaming Trees which allows you to see visions of the future, giving you the choice to make that future come true or destroy it. 

The Oneirist's abilities are:

  • Summon Wisps - Creates three lightning wisps that spin around you before homing in on enemies and damaging them.
  • Shift - Teleport eight metres ahead while stunning any enemies in the radius.
  • Spirit Ward - Let's you create a forcefield in front of yourself that absorbs projectiles and converts them into health for eight seconds.
  • Astral Projection - Summons a clone for eight seconds while also making you invisible, drawing away all enemy attention. 

That's our breakdown of the Weird West characters, and now you know the five playable characters and a little bit about them.

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