Weird West Quickbend Quest: How To Track Down Essex Mast

Weird West Quickbend Quest: How To Track Down Essex Mast
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The Weird West Quickbend quest is part of the main story line for the first character, Jane Bell, and sees you trying to track down Essex Mast, who was captive with your husband. Many of the Weird West quests can be solved through multiple methods, letting you make decisions that fit with the character you're trying to develop. If you need a rundown of different ways you can finish the Weird West Quickbend quest, read on. 

Weird West Quickbend Quest: The Lead Up

Upon finishing the Weird West Galen's Crossing section of the main story, you'll be told to seek out the character Essex Mast at Quickbend, as he was held captive along with your husband and may have information on where to find him. Upon travelling to the town, you'll get to watch a short cutscene of a duel in the main street, and then the reigns will be passed back over, and you can find Essex however you want. 

Weird West Quickbend Quest: Finding Essex Mast 

Weird West Quickbend merchant
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Essex Mast is located inside the Quickbend bank which has been occupied by the Stillwaters. There are a few methods of getting inside the bank and talking to him, but talking to the merchant on your right just as you enter the town can earn you some valuable information. 

You can pay the merchant ten dollars for information about your husband, resulting in him telling you about the bartender at the local saloon, whose partner was taken by the Stillwaters. Asking him about duelling will get him to explain that winning a duel will get you an invitation into the bank by the local boss. You'll have to use a harsh enough insult on a local gunslinger called Lian Peng to get them to fight you, and you can pay the merchant five dollars to tell you what to say to them. 

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Weird West Quickbend Quest: The Bartender

Weird West Quickbend  bartender
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If you talk to the bartender and ask about your husband, they'll pour you a free whiskey and give you a note that tells you to meet them at the local graveyard. If you make your way there and talk to them again, they'll explain their partner and the other captives are held in a cell inside the bank. They'll also store a bottle of wine drugged with a sleeping agent in a hollowed out tree behind them, asking you to use it on the front door guard and pickpocket the key off them to enter. 


Doing this will get you onto the first floor of the bank, but you'll still need to sneak or fight through a few enemies and up the stairs to get to the cell with Essex and bartenders partner. You can talk to Essex through the bars and he will offer you information on where your husband was taken in exchange for opening the cell doors, but you can force him to tell you anyway.

If you want to free him and the bartender though, you will need three lockpicks to open the cell or the key which is held by the town boss who can be found wandering around the bank.

Weird West Quickbend Quest: The Duel

Weird West Quickbend duel
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To gain entry to the bank through duelling, you can go to the building to the right of the saloon and talk to Lian Peng. If you paid for the insult information from the merchant, you'll be able to roast her, and she'll offer you a duel immediately. This will teleport both of you outside into the street, and someone will begin to tell you the rules of the duel.

The basic rules are that you need to wait until the third ring of the bell to begin shooting or leave the circle. Win the duel and one of the Stillwaters will ask you to go meet the boss in the bank. This will let you walk around the bank freely, so you can go to Essex Mast without talking to the boss if you like. Alternatively, talking to the boss will cause them to recognise you as the bounty hunter after the Stillwaters, and the gang will start attacking you. Either way you can still get the information you need to begin the next stage of the quest. 

Weird West Quickbend Quest: Other Ways To Enter The Bank 

Weird West Quickbend bank
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Aside from the above methods, you can go with the classic guns blazing and just shoot up the place, or sneak in completely undetected to talk to Essex. You can also use the roof of a nearby ruined building to also access the second floor or the roof of the bank if you don't want to start from the street. 

That's our rundown of the Weird West Quickbend quest, and now you know all the ways to access the bank and continue the main story of episode one by talking to Essex Mast.

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