Best Super People Guns: Top 5 Weapons

Best Super People Guns: Top 5 Weapons
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17th Dec 2021 16:01

What are the best Super People guns? It's a fair question to ask with such a huge new battle royale available to the public, and there are a lot of weapons to find around Orb Island. Super People differs from most battle royales, taking place in a large, contemporary setting, but with players taking the role of random classes that all have ability trees and ultimate abilities. It also lets you craft better weapons by collecting materials, eventually creating Mythical versions of weapons with increased damage. You don't want to waste your time upgrading any gun though, as it takes some time and resource collection, so here are our best Super People weapons. 

Best Super People Guns: M416S

Best Super People Weapons M416S
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The M416S is a trusty assault rifle that uses 5.56mm ammo, and is one of the more reliable weapons in Super People. It has some of the lowest damage per bullet of the ARs, but its stability and fire rate makes it consistent at any range, which is extremely important in this game. Its Mythical version is also one of the more low-key designs, with slight touches of the gold tint.

Best Super People Guns: G3

Best Super People Weapons G3
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The G3 is another assault rifle, and uses 7.62mm ammo. It features the highest damage of any AR and even some designated marksmen rifle category weapons, with the tradeoff that it's semi-automatic and has 20 bullets in a mag. It can drop opponents very quickly if you hit your shots consistently, and can make for one of the quickest time-to-kill weapons in the game. 

Best Super People Guns: UMP9

Best Super People Weapons UMP9
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Not all submachine guns are made equal, and the UMP9 reigns supreme as one of the best Super People weapons. It uses the 9mm ammo and has a 30 bullet magazine, along with the best damage output and stability of any SMGs. Its slower fire rate can hurt a little if you aren't accurate with your shots, but the rest of its stats make up for it. 

Best Super People Guns: KAR98K

Best Super People Weapons KAR98K
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There are only two sniper rifles in the game currently, and the crown for best long range weapon has to go to the KAR98K. Obviously it's a bolt action rifle, so it has a slow fire rate, but with five bullets compared to the X40A1s single bullet, it's easy to see why it comes out on top. Considering how massive Orb Island is, and the vertical potential of play in Super People, a long range weapon can be imperative in a squad, making the KAR98K an essential weapon.

Best Super People Guns: SA-12K

Best Super People Weapons SA-12K
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Our only shotgun on the list, the SA-12K is probably the best close range weapon in the entire game. It's the only shotgun that fires automatically, and the five round mag is enough to put someone down early on. You'll need an extended magazine attachment and its Mythical form to make the most of it, but it can ruin a players' day very easily.

Those are our picks for the best Super People weapons currently. As it's still not in full release, things are subject to change, so check back for more guides. We also have a breakdown of Super People tips, for players looking to get the edge in-game.


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