Is Street Fighter 6 crossplay? Cross progression & platforms

Is Street Fighter 6 crossplay? Cross progression & platforms
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Jack Roberts


31st May 2023 11:26

With Street Fighter 6 close to being in the hands of excited long-time fans and new entrants to the gauntlet, players will be experiencing this latest title on several different platforms. But this raises the question of whether it has crossplay functionality.

Here, we’ll be breaking down whether Street Fighter 6 is crossplay and if, depending on the platform, the game will also feature cross-progression.

Is Street Fighter 6 crossplay?

Image shows Guile as he appears in Street Fighter 6
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Images via Capcom

Street Fighter 6 is already expected to be here for the long run, with an assortment of new modes, challenges for players to take on and an entire cast of characters to choose from.

With it likely garnering the attention of Street Fighter veterans and new players alike, it begs the question of whether or not it will be crossplay for multiple platforms.

Quite simply, the answer is yes, Street Fighter 6 is completely crossplay between the platforms it is released on. This means players on PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X|S will all be able to battle it out however they choose to play.

This crossplay functionality is apparent in the Battle Hub, where players are thrown into an assortment of online lobbies, and in the Fighting Grounds, where they can take on the familiar fights they know and love.

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Does Street Fighter 6 have cross-progression?

At the time of writing, cross-progression in Street Fighter 6 has not yet been confirmed. However, with the potential for longevity it has to offer and the number of platforms it is releasing on, it shouldn’t be ruled out.

If more information comes to light about cross-progression in Street Fighter 6, we will be updating this page with all the information you need.

That’s everything you need to know about Street Fighter 6’s crossplay functionality. Wondering what we thought of the game? Check our review of Street Fighter 6 too!

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