How to farm SP in Stellar Blade early

How to farm SP in Stellar Blade early
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25th Apr 2024 16:25


  • The best place to grind SP EXP early is the library area on Eidos 7
  • You'll farm 95-107 SP EXP every 60 to 90 seconds
  • These include two Barnacles, a Guardian, and Cricket Slasher

Once you realise you can use the Camps in Stellar Blade to respawn killable enemies for your SP, you have a great early method to farm tons of EXP early on in the game

The more skills you unlock quicker, the better, so let's get into the most efficient way to farm SP on Eidos 7. 

How to farm SP early

To farm SP quickly and efficiently in Stellar Blade's Eidos 7 region, there are a few things you need to do first:

  • Change your difficulty settings to Story Mode
  • Unlock the "Assault" and "Ambush" skills
  • If you've unlocked fast travel, use a phone waypoint to start from the Parking Tower 2nd Floor
  • Run to the library area that preceded the parking tower

Once you're at the library, you'll be farming SP from four Naytiba inside and outside of the immediate area in front of the neon "Boo" sign: two Barnacles (23-27 SP EXP each), one Guardian (25-27 SP EXP each), and Cricket Slasher 24-26 (SP EXP each).

The area outside the "BOO" library in Stellar Blade, the best place to farm SP EXP early
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The Barnacles are a bit of a pain if you have to manoeuvre around their big shields. However, you can instantly kill each one by using Assault on the one in the library from a ledge up above. 

Then, for the Barnacle outside, you can sneak up behind it with Ambush. 

For the final two Naytiba, you can make easy work by using your Beta skills and a few quick slashes of your sword. Thanks to Story Mode making them weaker, cutting through them is far easier without having to worry about your health getting depleted. 

Once you're done, head back outside and climb up the tall yellow ladder outside the "Boo" sign and use the Camp to rest and respawn the Naytiba. 

Rinse and repeat as much as you like, and you'll farm 95-107 SP EXP every 60 to 90 seconds.

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