How to unlock the Double Jump skill in Stellar Blade

How to unlock the Double Jump skill in Stellar Blade
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25th Apr 2024 13:00

In Stellar Blade, unlocking Double Jump comes with a different requirement than other abilities in the Skill Tree. 

However, you won’t have to play too much of the game to add extra height to your jumps.

How to unlock Double Jump

In Stellar Blade, you can only unlock the Double Jump skill in the campaign mission “Light of Hope” once you’ve obtained the second Hyper Coil at Altress Levoire in the Wasteland.

This should take you about five to six hours into the story, depending on how much exploration and side missions you’ve been taking part in.

Lily about to teach EVE the Double Jump skill in Stellar Blade
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After returning to the Xion, speaking with Orcal in the Presence Chamber about where to go next, and returning to the slightly revitalised town, Adam will encourage you to explore the new scenery before setting off. 

Once you return to the Tetrapod though, Lily will not only show you her new device to find the next Alpha Naytiba, but will also “customise the power distribution” of EVE’s body cell to make her feel lighter and able to double jump.

From the get-go, you’ll be able to use the Double Jump skill to get to hard-to-reach spots you might have already encountered when exploring and any you’ll find going forward.

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