How to get Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

How to get Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest
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Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest is a unique armour set needed to get past the gold bunker doors and progress to the magma caverns and the main story of the game. To get the Gold Armor in Sons of the Forest you'll need also to have the Rebreather, Rope Gun, Shovel, and Maintenance Keycard. You can also pick up the Katana weapon on the way to the Golden Armor. To find out where the Golden Armor and Katana are and how to use them in Sons of the Forest, read here.

Equipment needed to get the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest: Shovel
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As mentioned above you will need the following items to retrieve the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest:

Luckily, we have guides on how to get all those equipment items, so feel free to click on them if you don’t have the full list.

There will be many enemies between you and the armour set, so it is also a good idea to ensure you have a good selection of weapons, including throwables.

Be sure to also have a Flashlight and a Tarp, which you can use to make a tent and save your game whenever you choose.

Where to get Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest: Golden Armor bunker location
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Now you have everything you need; the Golden Armor is located east of the snowy mountains and will be marked on your GPS with a green circle.

Once you walk to the location referenced above, you will notice a cave entrance. Enter it and follow the path down as you drop into another bunker. A cutscene will commence.

Sons of the Forest: Golden Bunker Entance
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Once inside the bunker, follow these steps to get the Golden Armor:

  • Head down the staircase and swipe the Maintenance Keycard on the security doors.
  • Continue down two flights of stairs and open the yellow door.
  • Wait for the cutscene to end and continue through the hallway, turning right at the open door next to the supply crates, dead body, and dropped email.
  • Watch out for the fingers mutant.
  • In this room are a Flashlight attachment, a pistol, and various items and emails containing more story lore.
  • Head back out to the hallway and continue.
  • The next room is full of monsters so prepare for a fight. The easiest approach is to hit them all at once with a Time Bomb.
  • Once you have defeated them, collect Creepy Armour from all the bodies and equip it.
  • From this room, take a right into another open door.
  • Careful of the Caterpillar mutant from the hallway as it may trigger them to approach and they deal high damage. You may wish to deal with it before going through the door.
  • Inside the room, there is a 3D printer, several golf balls you can collect, emails a code translator on the floor near the couches, and a putter inside one of the bodies on the couch.
  • Return to the hallway and climb down the stairwell to level 2.
  • Go through the hall and turn right into an open doorway. Here, you can collect the Leather Jacket, ammo, and circuit boards by destroying laptops on the desks.

Sons of the Forest: Katana
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  • Go back to the hallway and progress to the next door to the right for the Katana.

Sons of the Forest: Golden Armor
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  • The third door on the right contains the golden Armor, placed on a couch.
  • Progress down the stairwell to level 5.

Sons of the Forest: Golden Mask
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  • Before leaving, turn left into the medical room to retrieve the Golden Mask from one of the bodies on the tables.
  • Now, you can swipe the Maintenance Keycard at the security doors to leave the bunker.


Where to use the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest: VIP Bunker Location
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The Golden Armor set is needed to get past a locked door within the VIP bunker off the eastern coast. Follow the main river east of the bunker exit (the bunker in which you retrieved the Golden Armor set). Follow the path until you almost reach the beach, indicated on the map above.

You'll need the VIP Keycard to access the bunker and progress the main storyline.

As you progress through the lower levels of the bunker you'll enter a bar area with a shotgun resting on top of the bar.

Sons of the Forest: Golden Doors
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Walk through to the bathroom where the sinks have been dismantled. Here, is a space you can walk through to access the caverns beyond. You will also stumble across the golden doors, which you can unlock once you equip the Golden Armor.

Progress past the doors to complete the final stages of the storyline.

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