How to bring a Sim back to life in The Sims 4

How to bring a Sim back to life in The Sims 4
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The Sims 4 is a game all about simulating, well, life, and with that comes both love and loss. Luckily for us, though, life for a Sim doesn’t always have to end at death - if a beloved Sim departs too early, there are ways you can bring them back to the land of the living.

So whether it's for storytelling purposes or if your favourite Sim simply succumbed to a rogue Murphy bed or was subject to mould spores, keep reading to find out all the ways you can resurrect them in the game.

Ways to resurrect a Sim

Cast the Dedeathify Spell

As part of the Realm of Magic Game Pack, Spellcaster Sims can learn the Dedeathify spell to resurrect a Sim, but to learn it, they'll need to master the Untamed School of Magic and reach its highest level.

Additionally, Spellcasters can also use the Necrocall spell to summon ghosts to them if the phantasmic Sim you wish to resurrect isn't in your household.

Image showing the Dedeathify spell in The Sims 4
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Sims can climb the ranks of the Untamed School of Magic by asking the Untamed Sage to teach them magic in Magic HQ in Glimmerbook's Magic Realm or by practising on their own - but be sure to keep on top of dispelling a Sim's magic charge every to avoid death by overcharge!

If you're not looking to spend time playing through this process, though, you can also use a cheat to instantly learn Dedeathify: spells.unlock_spell spells_Untamed_4_Resurrect

Eating Ambrosia

Ambrosia is a dish that can be given to a summoned ghost, and once they've eaten it, they'll transform back into a living Sim.

To make Ambrosia, you'll need to max out both the Cooking and Gourmet Cooking skills for a Sim. The recipe to make it requires:

  • Angelfish, which you can fish for (go figure)
  • Death Flower, which can be obtained in the Magic Realm
  • Potion of Youth, which can be bought from the rewards store for 1500 Satisfaction Points

Ambrosia in The Sims 4
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Once you have all the required ingredients, cook the Ambrosia by interacting with a stove or fridge and then make sure your Sim has a high enough friendship with the ghost in question to add them to your household.

With the ghost now added to the family, simply have them eat the Ambrosia and they'll return to their solid form once more.

Plead with the Grim Reaper

Image of a Sim pleading with the Grim Reaper
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If your Sim's not particularly savvy at the other options on the list, there's always the good old option to plead with the Grim Reaper when he appears to reap a Sim. He'll choose to spare the Sim depending on your active Sim's mood, with Confident-feeling Sims having a slightly higher success rate.

What's more, if you have a Death Flower in your inventory, you can also exchange this with Grim in return for the Sim's life.

Use the Book of Life

A Sim who has mastered the Writing skill and completed the 'Bestselling Author' Aspiration will unlock the ability to write a Book of Life and bind it to a Sim's soul - but this must be performed before they die, however.

Once bound, if a Sim who is bound to a Book of Life kicks the bucket, you can then use it to resurrect them and give them a second lease of, well, life.

The Book of Life in The Sims 4
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If you want to skip all the faff and get this ability quickly, there's a cheat you can enter, but you'll want to make sure you have the 'Bestselling Author' Aspiration selected for the Sim first. Then enter the following cheat: Aspirations.complete_current_milestone

The cheat will instantly complete the current milestone you have selected, so enter it four times in total to complete the Aspiration and receive the ability to make a Book of Life.

Wish at a Wishing Well

The Wishing Well is an interactive item from the Romantic Garden Stuff Pack. With it, your Sims can channel their inner Disney Princess by wishing for a variety of things, including resurrection after death.

To do so, you'll need to improve the well's mood first by making everyone's favourite offering: money. This is because the Well is more likely to fulfil your wish if it's in a good mood.

Image of a Wishing Well in The Sims 4
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For these offerings, giving the Well 100 Simoleons will lower its mood, whereas 5,000 Simoleons will instantly raise it (understandable, really) and increase your chance of a successful wish. On the other hand, donating 1,000 Simoleons to it will have a 50/50 chance of a good or bad reaction.

If the offering is repeated several times, the Well will be also put in a bad mood - so make sure to measure your gifts if you're not finding much success.

With that done, you can then wish for life, and it can either bring you back completely if it's in a good mood, reject your wish, or give you a randomised ingredient needed to make Ambrosia.

Obtaining an Angelfish

A Sim fishing in The Sims 4
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You'll need an Angel Fish in order to make Ambrosia, and it's an uncommon species that I've found either in the river of Willow Creek or one of the two ponds with fountains near the default spot for the Caliente Household in Oasis Springs.

You can catch the fish at any level, but it'll likely take a few tries as it's one of the uncommon types of fish. What's more, the fish can be of any quality to be eligible for the Ambrosia recipe.

You can also expedite this process a bit by opening up The Gallery and searching for 'Angelfish', as there are lots of kind Simmers out there who have rooms you can download that are fully stocked with a few of the fish.

Simply download that into your game, place it in world, pop back into Live Mode and you can then drag it into your Sim's inventories to use as needed.

How to get a Death Flower in The Sims 4

Another requirement for Ambrosia, a Death Flower can be acquired from a rare seed packet after achieving level 10 in Gardening. The seed packets are 1,000 Simoleons each, with a random chance of giving a Death Flower.

You can also get a Death Flower by using the 'bb.showhiddenobjects' cheat and then searching for it in Build/Buy mode as shown in the image below, or by grafting plants together.


Death Flower shown in a room in The Sims 4
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To graft a Death Flower plant, you'll need to achieve Gardening level 5 to unlock the ability. You'll then need to complete a couple of steps in order to get to the final result:

  • First, graft Cherry to Apple to make a Pomegranate
  • Next, graft a Lily to Snapdragon to make an Orchid
  • Finally, take the Pomegranate and Orchid you've made and graft them together to make a Death Flower

And that's all there is to it!

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