Can You Still Get A Shiny Seedot Pokemon GO?

Can You Still Get A Shiny Seedot Pokemon GO?
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18th Jan 2023 10:49

On Tuesday, 17 January 2023 from 6PM to 7PM, Seedot was the star of Pokemon GO's weekly Spotlight Hour. Making the specified Pokemon appear more frequently in the wild, the Spotlight Hour made players jump at the chance to get a Shiny Seedot. Although, many players will have missed out. Let's get into whether you can still catch one in this Shiny Seedot Pokemon GO guide.

Can You Still Get A Shiny Seedot Pokemon GO?

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In short, yes, you can still catch Shiny Seedot in Pokemon GO. The Shiny version of the Acorn Pokemon has actually been part of the game since the Seedot Community Day in May 2020.

The difference between a Spotlight Hour and Community Day though is that whilst both increase the spawn of the specific Pokemon, only a Community Day increases your chance of getting a Shiny version. So, the Seedot Spotlight Hour only had players hope to get a Shiny version through an increased number of Encounters at normal odds.

After the Spotlight Hour ended for Seedot, the Shiny Version is available in the game. You'll just have to continue to find it normally in the game and hope you're lucky enough to have one of your Encounters result in a Shiny Seedot.

When a Spotlight Hour Pokemon is announced, whether that Pokemon's Shiny version will be available usually depends on whether they were already in the game. If you're curious as to what other Shiny Pokemon are available in Pokemon GO, there has been a full list of Shiny Pokemon provided by Leekduck.

That's all you need to know in our Shiny Seedot Pokemon GO guide. For else what's new in Pokemon GO, find out when the Larvitar Community Day is. Alternatively, why take a look at how to catch Kecleon since its official debut?

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