Where to find the Wanted Monsters in Rune Factory 5

Where to find the Wanted Monsters in Rune Factory 5
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Finding and capturing all of the Rune Factory 5 Wanted Monster locations is imperative to your role in the game. As a ranger for Rigbarth’s SEED organization in Rune Factory 5, you will often be required to complete tasks for Livia, the Field Leader.

The Wanted Monsters are causing havoc in the surrounding areas of Rigbarth, so Livia tasks you with capturing these meddlesome creatures. A Wanted Monster can be distinguished by its bright red aura and highly aggressive behavior. If you're struggling to find them, here are all of the Rune Factory 5 Wanted Monsters and their locations.


slims location rf5
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The mission for the Slime is one of the first available wanted monster requests and is very easy to complete. Each wanted monster comes with a brief description detailing its location, so you will need to do some exploring until you uncover its hang-out spot. Slime can be found in the northern area of the Phoros Woodlands, alongside the riverside. 


fairy location rune factory 5
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The Fairy is another early-game option for the wanted monster requests and can be found in the central area in the Phoros Woodlands. If you head to the small pond south of the ruins, the Fairy will be wandering around near some other enemies. 

Goblin Archer

goblin archer rf5
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For this one, you will need to go to the southern area of the Phoros Woodlands and find a cave near the river - the Goblin Archer can be found here.

Big Muck

big muck in rf5
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Big Muck can be found near the location of the Slime in the Phoros Woodlands, but a little bit further to the north. It will be found after crossing the river. 


chipsqueek rf5
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Now it’s time to head over to the Kelve Volcanic Region, as the Chipsqueek is located in the northern section at the left side of the big fossil. 


ignis location in rune factory 5
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Head further north from the Chipsqueek location in the Kelve Volcanic Region and you will find the Ignis monster near the Fire Dragon.


garmr rf5
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In the southern section of the Kelve Volcanic Region, there is a forest-like clearing. In these woods, the Garmr can be found to the right of the pond. 

Emperor Penguin

emperor penguin location rune factory 5
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After your excursion in the hottest area of Rigbarth, you will be pleased to know that you will be exploring Lake Yumina, a landscape covered in ice and snow. The Emperor Penguin is located west of the Lake Yumina entrance.

Silver Wolf

silver wolf in rf5
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The Silver Wolf is running around in the North West area of Lake Yumina, and isn’t that far from the previous monster, the Emperor Penguin.


mamadoodle rf5
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The Mamadoodle will require you to return to the Phoros Woodlands. However, the location of the Mamadoodle is in the desert-themed area of the Phoros Woodlands, near the ruins in the north west.

Blood Panther

blood panther location in Rune Factory 5
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Back to the Kelve Volcanic Region we go, as the Blood Panther isn’t that far from the Fossil in the northern section of the map.

Malm Tiger

malm tiger rf5
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In the frozen depths of Lake Yumina, there is a lake completely covered in ice, and the Malm Tiger isn’t that far from this location.

Hell Ghost

hell ghost
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The Hell Ghost can be found in Lake Yumina in the southern region, right next to a large blue crystal.


guardian in rf5
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Just like with some of the previous wanted monsters, the Guardian is located near the big fossil in the Kelve Volcanic Region walking around.


elementalist in rf5
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Lake Yumina is home to the Elementalist, but this will require some extra digging to find. If you head over to where the Ice Dragon is located, the Elementalist can be found behind the elemental beast on a large slope.

Little Dragon, Ice Griffin, And Mermaid

Unlike the previous monsters, the Little Dragon, Ice Griffin, and Mermaid are located in random locations. However, it’s recommended to return to areas that you’ve already visited, as they seemingly have a chance of appearing in these areas.

Rewards for capturing all the wanted monsters in Rune Factory 5

Capturing all of the wanted monsters will increase your SEED Rank, which starts at Aspiring Ranger and finishes at Perfect Ranger. These can be completed at your own pace, so don’t worry about rushing through them. However, you are rewarded with a substantial amount of gold and a variety of crests that improve your abilities.

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