Rune Factory 5 Taming: How To Capture Monsters

Rune Factory 5 Taming: How To Capture Monsters
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1st Apr 2022 14:23

Knowing how to capture monsters with the Rune Factory 5 taming mechanic is crucial if you want a companion or to complete objectives. Rigbarth’s outskirts are teeming with monsters of all shapes and sizes in Rune Factory 5, each with their own distinct personality traits and varying levels of aggression. Early in the adventure, the chances are that you will be defeating these creatures to gather valuable experience points, which obviously increases your proficiency in combat-related scenarios. However, as per the series norm, monsters can be captured and tamed, and you can find out how with this Rune Factory 5 taming guide.

Rune Factory 5 Taming: Why You Need To Capture Monsters

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A lot of time can be spent exploring dungeons, though it can often become a lonesome endeavour. Although you’re able to recruit Rigbarth’s villagers for these exploratory moments, you might want a different companion to help you fight off your enemies.

Capturing a monster may also be a requirement for specific requests, so it’s always worth considering while you’re out in the field. Furthermore, there are options to tame a monster in addition to a simple capture, unlocking extra features such as chores.



Rune Factory 5 Taming: How To Capture Monsters

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Capturing a monster is a simplistic process that is unlocked during the early hours of RF5, as Livia gives you the ability to stun or capture a monster by using the ZL button on your controller. However, some monsters may require you to deplete their health bar a little bit first, so you will want to make sure that you are properly equipped before heading out on a monster hunt. It’s recommended to have weapons that have low-to-mid damage output, especially if you’re trying to capture a lower-level monster. With that in mind, having these weapons reduces the chances of accidentally killing a monster before you can capture it.

To stun a monster, simply press ZL once to launch your tether, which will keep the creature restrained for a short period of time. If you’re interested in capturing a monster, you will need to hold ZL until a crosshair appears, but this may take a few attempts. If you’re successful, the monster will become allied with you for 24 in-game hours. That being said, if you want them as a permanent companion, you always have the option to tame them.

Rune Factory 5 Taming: How To Tame Monsters

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Taming monsters may take a while, as you’ll need to give them items to raise their friendship level. This is similar to one of the game’s core elements regarding its villagers, but it works slightly differently. For more consistent results, capture a monster first, as it will have a higher chance of responding favourably to your gifts.

On the other hand, you may decide to run up to an aggressive monster and hand over a snack, which is also an effective way of recruiting a new ally. You will know if you are successful if a love heart appears above the monster’s head, which is then followed by a naming screen. Similarly, you will know if it’s a negative response if an ominous skull and bones appear instead.

Despite this, recruiting monsters requires you to have access to a barn, which is given to you early on via a request. At first, you’re limited to 4 friendly monsters, though this can be expanded by heading over to Palmo’s shop and upgrading your Farm Dragons with more barn space.

As soon as you have some monsters under your belt, the option to give them mundane chores becomes available. This will require you to develop your relationship with said monster, by figuring out the types of items that they enjoy.

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