Rune Factory 5 Farming Guide: Beginner Tips And Tricks

Rune Factory 5 Farming Guide: Beginner Tips And Tricks
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Rune Factory 5 farming is what will take up the majority of your time, maintaining and cultivating your crops. Farming in Rune Factory 5 is easy to understand for the most part, but maximising your gains and making the most out of your efforts is a little more involved. To help you along and ensure you're doing your farming most efficiently, here's our Rune Factory 5 farming guide.

Rune Factory 5 Farming Guide: Complete Requests To Unlock More Farm Tools

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This is mentioned in our general Rune Factory 5 tips guide, but you will want to complete the early-game requests as soon as possible to unlock some extra farming tools. These aren’t a massive undertaking – you get the item upon accepting it – and can usually be finished within a few minutes.

It’s also worth mentioning that you unlock some additional equipment to improve the quality of your harvest, such as the Fertilizer Bin, where you can deposit weeds to turn into fertilizer. Furthermore, requests also play an integral role in unlocking other key features in the game, so make sure to check the bulletin board often.

Rune Factory 5 Farming Guide: Craft Better Farm Tools

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After gathering a variety of crafting resources, you can use the Forge to craft better farming tools. However, make sure that you have enough RP before you start crafting, as you want to avoid draining your health as much as possible.

Each farm tool receives its own unique properties after upgrading it. For instance, the watering can’s first upgrade unlocks the ability to charge it up by holding B, allowing you to water two crops at the same time.

Rune Factory 5 Farming Guide: Collect Spheres To Level Up a Random Skill

While attending your farm, there’s a chance that you might encounter a glowing blue orb. If you simply walk into the sphere, a random skill will level up to the next ranking.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that a farming skill will level up, so you might find that combat-related skills or other useful attributes will benefit from this feature. At the beginning of a day, these will likely show up while you’re tending to your fields, so make sure to grab them when they appear.

Rune Factory 5 Farming Guide: Take Advantage Of Farm Dragons

Farm Dragons are nothing new to the Rune Factory series and play an integral role in your character’s backstory. Your first Farm Dragon will be unlocked after completing the first main “dungeon” in the game and can be accessed from the glowing green warp portal near the SEED base’s field.

If you head onto the Farm Dragon’s back, more field space will be available to you, making it easier to get more money. To unlock more Farm Dragons, simply play through the game’s main story and they will eventually become available to you. You can also use Farm Dragons to implement a variety of passive effects such as rainfall.


Rune Factory 5 Farming Guide: Plant Seasonal Seeds When Possible

Just like with most farming-related games, Rune Factory 5 boasts a variety of crops that grow best during a certain season. For instance, Potatoes are best grown during Spring, and tend to offer a higher amount of money if you ship them in the container. Additionally, some characters prefer items that require these seasonal crops as part of their crafting recipe. For example, Beatrice enjoys Strawberry Jam, so you will need to plant some Strawberry seeds in the Summer.

Rune Factory 5 Farming Guide: Expand The Shops

Rune factory 5 Farming guide: Expand the shops
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Palmo and Ryker oversee Studio Palmo, a carpentry shop located in the top right corner of Rigbarth. After gathering enough wood and material stone, head over to Studio Palmo to purchase improvements for the variety of shops in town. You can also use Studio Palmo to acquire useful extras to place on your Farms or Room, such as a Cooking Table, Forge, and more.

The majority of these upgrades require a significant amount of gold, with each upgrade increasing in price as you progress through the game. Thankfully, our guide on how to earn money quickly in Rune Factory 5 will come in handy here. However, your main focus when it comes to farming will be expanding the General Store, as its inventory will introduce new seeds to purchase.

Rune Factory 5 Farming Guide: Recover RP At The Blue Moon

Rune Factory 5 farming guide: Recover RP at the Blue Moon
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Farming can be an arduous task, as it often requires a hefty amount of RP to fully maintain your fields, especially when you start using the space available on the Farm Dragons. That being said, RP can be recovered at The Blue Moon, a bathhouse that’s located in the north-west area of Rigbarth. Taking a bath here will fully restore your RP, but your first 5 visits are free of charge, so make sure to use these strategically.

That’s everything you need to know about farming in Rune Factory 5, but keep your eyes peeled for more guides on the fantasy farming adventure here at GGRecon.


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