How To Earn Money Quickly In Rune Factory 5

How To Earn Money Quickly In Rune Factory 5
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29th Mar 2022 12:43

Knowing how to earn money quickly in Rune Factory 5 is a huge help because like in most life simulation games - specifically those with farming mechanics -  you often need stacks of cash just to get by. Rune Factory 5 is no exception to this, and it’s nothing new to the series, as the series shares a lot of ideas with its big brother, Harvest Moon. There are a variety of tools and mechanics that you can take advantage of to bolster your profits, so we've got all you need to know on how to earn money quickly in Rune Factory 5.

Rune Factory 5 Money Tips: Sell Your Crops

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The most reliable and fastest source of income in Rune Factory 5 is accessible early on by simply selling crops from your harvests. It’s better to dump anything that you want to sell in the shipping container, as you are likely to receive a greater amount of money from this compared to selling it elsewhere.

However, make sure to get this done at the beginning of the day, as the items in the container are collected at 8:00 a.m, and you receive the money as soon as the clock hits the specified time.

Rune Factory 5 Money Tips: Go Fishing

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Fishing is another reliable source of income in RF5, and you unlock the ability to fish by completing a request for Lucy. The pool of obtainable fish is limited at first, but you can upgrade your Fishing Rod at a Forge to increase its abilities and improve its chances of scoring a higher quality fish. Just like with the previous tip, make sure to place these in the shipping container to maximise your profits.

Rune Factory 5 Money Tips: Complete Requests

We mentioned this in our Rune Factory 5 tips guide, but you will want to focus on completing as many requests as possible. Requests can be accepted from the bulletin board next to the SEED headquarters, with each one rewarding the player with varying amounts of income. Additionally, requests will sometimes reward you with valuable recipe bread, which can be consumed to learn new recipes for crafting. 


Rune Factory 5 Money Tips: Craft Items

After consuming some recipe bread, such as the cooking or crafting loafs, you will want to start experimenting with crafting. For instance, cooking a high-level meal could potentially generate a significant amount of money, depending on the ingredients that you used. That being said, you will want to ensure that you are actually making some profit from these, as you don’t want to sell items that cost a fair amount to obtain in the first place.

Rune Factory 5 Money Tips: Rank Up

The SEED organisation has five distinct ranks to obtain throughout your adventure, and they just so happen to reward you with an ample amount of money. The rankings consist of: Aspiring Ranger, Renowned Ranger, Charismatic Ranger, Expert Ranger, and Perfect Ranger.

If you’re eager to rise to the top of the ranks, you will need to track down the wanted monsters. These bounties can be accepted from Livia, and we will have a complete guide for this in the near-future. However, in the meantime, these are worth completing, as one of them rewards you with a whopping 25,000 gold!

Rune Factory 5 Money Tips: Defeat Monsters

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Although you won’t directly receive money from defeating monsters, they can drop valuable items that can be sold for a nice amount. It’s worth mentioning that all items in the game have a description that can be viewed from the pause menu, which also informs you of the item level and its sell price. If you’re unsure if an item’s worth selling, always refer back to this if needed.

That’s everything you need to know about making money quickly. If you need any help with your crops, check out our Rune Factory 5 farming guide.


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