Rune Factory 5 Tips: 9 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Life In Rigbarth

Rune Factory 5 Tips: 9 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Life In Rigbarth
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28th Mar 2022 10:41

These Rune Factory 5 tips are crucial if you're returning to the series after a long break, or if you're a newcomer to the franchise. Rune Factory 5 has arrived on Nintendo Switch after years of anticipation so players can finally live out another fantasy life in the town of Rigbarth. There are a variety of objectives to work towards in RF5, and you may be struggling with what to focus on first. The game boasts a multitude of mechanics that may seem a little bit daunting to begin with, so we have produced this tips and tricks guide to help you get started with Rune Factory 5.

Rune Factory 5 Tips: Plant Crops As Soon As Possible

Planting crops RF5
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One of your primary objectives in RF5 will be maintaining your fields. At the beginning of the game, you will only have access to one plot of land, but this will quickly expand as you advance through the game’s main story.

However, you will want to make sure that you are constantly growing crops to maximise profit at the end of a harvest. For instance, in spring, it’s worth buying seeds that guarantee a higher turnover, such as Potatoes. Although, they’re more expensive to purchase and take longer to grow - they are worth the effort. For more tips and tricks with your land, check out our Rune Factory 5 farming guide.

Rune Factory 5 Tips: Save Some Crops For Cooking And Gifts

This may seem like the complete opposite of the previous tip, but you will want to save some crops for other purposes. Some vegetables such as Turnips, can be used as a primary ingredient in cooking, so you will want to keep a few for yourself when they’re ready to ship. Additionally, some residents of Rigbarth may react favourably to specific crops as a gift, thus making it easier to develop your relationships.

Rune Factory 5 Tips: Explore Dungeons For Valuable Materials

Gathering materials RF5
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There are a variety of different materials to collect in Rune Factory 5 that can be used in crafting and important town development projects. Most of the time, you will be aiming to collect Logs and Material Stone for use at Palmo’s shop in the north east of Rigbarth. Interestingly, the best place to gather these materials is your fields, as the “junk” is reset at the end of each day. All you need to do is hammer and chop your way through the various stones and wood to add to your collection of crafting materials.

However, not only will you need to use these items, but you might need to go out of your way to find something a little bit more unique. This can be accomplished by potentially going to the various in-game shops, or by going out on an excursion in the surrounding areas. Also, it’s worth mentioning that dungeons will likely be home to valuable materials such as crystals and precious ore.

Rune Factory 5 Tips: Accept Requests From The Bulletin Board As Much As Possible

Rune Factory 5 tips: Accept requests from the board
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Right next to the SEED base is the bulletin board, which just so happens to be the home to various requests from the locals. It’s not guaranteed that requests will be available, but you will want to check frequently as you may receive some important items that will be of good use to you. You should definitely complete the early-game requests as soon as possible because they grant you access to some important mechanics.

Rune Factory 5 Tips: Use Directives To Upgrade Item Storage And Set Up Festivals

Rune Factory 5 tips: Directives
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Directives are a feature that can be accessed by speaking to the Doll inside the SEED base. They allow you to manipulate various aspects of the daily activities available in Rigbarth, in addition to expanding your item storage and more.

However, some directives may upset some of the locals, so you will need to communicate with them prior to making any important decisions. That being said, directives are essential when it comes to setting up festivals, so you will need to make tough choices in order to host important events.


Rune Factory 5 Tips: Talk To *Everyone*

If you’ve played a Rune Factory game before, then you will already be familiar with how to develop your relationships with the various residents of the town. Then again, those of you who have played Stardew Valley will also likely be accustomed to these concepts.

Essentially, you will want to interact with everyone as soon as you see them walking around town, or by entering their homes directly to see how they’re doing. In doing so, you will contribute to their relationship meter, which can be increased even more by handing them gifts too.

Rune Factory 5 Tips: Complete Romance Stories To Learn About Gift Ideas

Romance stories in rune factory 5
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Romance Stories are events that can be described as "side stories", where you essentially spectate an event to get a deeper understanding of a particular character. These can be distinguished by the bright pink icons on the map with a character’s face on it.

If you head over there, a cutscene will automatically play out, and will likely pass a decent amount of in-game time, so make sure you’re ready. These events are worth completing, as you may get an idea of what a character’s favourite items are.

Rune Factory 5 Tips: Consume Recipe Bread To Craft New Items

recipe bread RF5
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There are different types of recipe bread in RF5, each with their own specialisms. For instance, if you consume “Cooking Bread”, you will learn a new cooking recipe.

However, this only works if your skill is at a high enough level to learn a new recipe, so you will need to constantly ensure that you’re working on levelling up key skills such as cooking, forging, and more. Recipe bread can be obtained from shops such as the Bakery, or by completing some requests from the villagers.

Rune Factory 5 Tips: Use The Three-Hour Window Each Morning To Complete Menial Tasks

Rune Factory 5 tips: Get the most out of your day
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Days are long in Rune Factory 5, and can easily take up to an hour of playtime to reach the end. With this in mind, you will want to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your day.

For starters, you will want to focus on watering any crops, and gathering up materials, as each day starts at 6am, meaning that everywhere else is closed until 9 a.m. Therefore, you can use this time to go out fishing, or potentially travel to dungeons and fight some monsters. However, you will want to be mindful of your stamina.

That’s it for this guide, with nine tips and tricks to help you get accustomed to your fantasy life. Want to get rich quick? Check out our guide on how to earn money in Rune Factory 5.


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