How to rest & change the time of day in Rise of the Ronin

How to rest & change the time of day in Rise of the Ronin
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22nd Mar 2024 07:00

In Rise of the Ronin, you may want to change the time of day for a variety of reasons, with some armour pieces giving boosts during certain times of the day. Changing the time of day follows the same process as resting, so I'll cover both below. 

The time of day gradually changes in the game, but there will be times when you need it to be night or maybe you just prefer playing under a certain light.

The main use will be trying to catch certain fugitives that will only appear during specific times of the day, but who said there is anything wrong with a bit of ambience?

How to change the time of day 

Once you have been given the Pocket Watch by Ryomo Sakamoto after resting in the Longhouse for the first time, you can use this item whenever you like.

Pocket Watch in Rise of the Ronin
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It will automatically be placed in your equipment slots, then you can rest by pushing the arrow the Pocket Watch is assigned to. Using it will bring up a menu listing the three times of day: 

Rise of the Ronin time of day menu
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  • Morning 
  • Noon 
  • Night 

It’s important to note that resting like this will not replenish your Medicine Pills or equipment - this can only be done by finding a Veiled Edge Banner or returning to the Longhouse.

That’s all you need to know about resting and changing the time of day. If you’re looking for more help check out our Rise of the Ronin homepage where we have already outlined how to gesture in-game, whether or not it's a Soulslikes and all you need to know about the difficulty settings

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