How long is Rise of the Ronin & is there a New Game Plus?

How long is Rise of the Ronin & is there a New Game Plus?
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When it comes to finding out how long a game is, Rise of the Ronin doesn't require the biggest number of hours to beat an open-world action RPG - which is good if you're also dying to know whether there's a New Game Plus mode available once you roll credits. 

The answer to the latter question may not be exactly what you're looking for, but you'll find a fun compromise once you've completed the campaign. 

How long is Rise of the Ronin?

At a minimum, Rise of the Ronin's main campaign will probably take you around 15 hours to beat if you take part in no open-world side content whatsoever.

If you play the game on one of the higher difficulty settings, a minimalist playthrough could take you up to 20 hours.

On my own playthrough, where I engaged in a handful of side missions and map objectives - as well as switching between the "Dawn" Easy and "Dusk" Medium difficulties - Rise of the Ronin took me about 27 hours to beat. 

How long to 100% the game

Rise of the Ronin could be anywhere between 60 and 85 hours long if you're looking to beat everything the game has to throw at you. This includes all the map objectives - cats, photographs, bandit camps to clear out - and mastering the many feats in the game's Trophy list.

As mentioned earlier, this 100% completion time will also be impacted by the difficulty level you play on.

Of course, if you end up growing frustrated that slashing your way to 100% is taking too long, you can always reduce your difficulty mode to make clearing out enemies standing in your way of map objectives far easier. 

Is there a New Game Plus?

No, there is no New Game Plus mode in Rise of the Ronin. Instead, you'll be given a new "Midnight" difficulty setting to enjoy as you replay chapters of the game using the Testament of the Soul - which you unlock at the start of Chapter 2. 

Testament of the Soul to replay chapters and missions in Rise of the Ronin
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Just like before, you'll be able to use Testament of the Soul in the game's longhouse. From there, you can replay story missions, replay Bond Missions with allies, or simply explore the cities of the previous chapters if there's anything you missed. 

Whether Team Ninja would add a dedicated New Game Plus to Rise of the Ronin further down the line remains to be seen. Whichever way, I'll update this guide as soon as I know more. 

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