Where to find Rise of the Ronin's Gliding Training in Yokohama book

Where to find Rise of the Ronin's Gliding Training in Yokohama book
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22nd Mar 2024 11:51

The book titled 'Gliding Training in Yokohama' is a tricky one to find in Rise of the Ronin if you want to get one of the key upgrades for your glider from Igashuchi.

Thankfully, you can get this key item, and even unlock the Winged Warrior trophy in one place all at the same time in the game

Gliding Training in Yokohama location

In Rise of the Ronin, the 'Gliding Training in Yokohama' book can be found at the small glider icon northwest of the Kariba area in the Yokohama map (shown in the image below).

The Gliding Training in Yokohama book map location in Rise of the Ronin
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This Gliding Training spot is essentially a mini-game where you have to fly through a bunch of targets as fast as you can - earning you prizes depending on how far you rank. 

Whilst the book you're after is one of the lower-tier prizes, titled 'An Illustrated Look at Flight', achieving the Master rank will also net you the Winged Warrior trophy. 

As you first approach the area of this particular Gliding Training spot, you'll notice it's right near a public order objective with a village full of enemies to take down - but you can sneak around them to jump ahead to the Gliding Training NPC if you wish.

How to get the Winged Warrior Trophy in Rise of the Ronin

Getting the Winged Warrior Trophy is relatively easy at this spot - as almost all of the targets are quite simple to hit simply by gliding

The only exception is the slightly parallel stack of three roughly halfway through the course (shown in the image below), which is a bit tricky since you can't normally glide into them. All you need to do when you're above the stack of three targets is to press the 'X' button to close your wings, then quickly press it again to re-open them and carry on gliding. 

Targets to get the 'Winged Warrior' gliding Trophy in Rise of the Ronin
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After finishing the course by hitting all of the targets without worrying about time, I was able to unlock the Winged Warrior Trophy right away and carry on with my journey. 

There's at least one other Gliding Training location where you can get this Trophy too - specifically in Shibo, but this one in Kariba is far less challenging to achieve the Master rank at.

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