All Rise of the Ronin romance options & how to build Favor

All Rise of the Ronin romance options & how to build Favor
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Ben Williams


25th Mar 2024 17:00

Like other open-world titles, Rise of the Ronin comes with a variety of romance options - characters you can start to build Favor towards a romantic relationship with.

Some characters can be romanced soon after you meet them and some you can't until later in the game.  However, Rise of the Ronin doesn't make it very clear who you can romance (or how to do it). I'm here to lay it all out for you.

Rise of the Ronin romance options

All 14 romance options in Rise of the Ronin I've found so far are as follows in alphabetical order: 

  • Ernest Satow
  • Fumi Sugi
  • Genzui Kusaka
  • Goro Katsura
  • Ine Kusumoto
  • Kogoro Katsura
  • Matthew Perry
  • Princess Atsuko
  • Ryoma Sakamoto
  • Sana Chiba
  • Shinsaku Takasugi
  • Soji Okita
  • Taka Murayama
  • Usugumo Dayu

You won't need to worry about being blocked out of same-sex relationships, as Rise of the Ronin will let you romance any of the above characters regardless of your character's gender. 

Although I've tested these options thoroughly, I'm not 100% certain those are all of the romancable characters given the large number of companions and allies the game throws at you. I'll update this guide if I happen to have missed any.

How to build Favor and romance a companion

Favor is the pinkish bar located amongst a character's stats in the Bond menu. This is what you need to build to romance a Rise of the Ronin companion, alongside maxing out their regular Bond level.

To build up both levels, you'll need to carry out the following:

  • Giving them gifts - when talking to them at a base or your longhouse
    • Look out for the heart-shaped symbol amongst gift options, meaning it's one they'd like
  • Taking part in Bond Missions with them - special side missions with a specific character
    • Check the Mission menu for any side missions with your intended romance option as an ally
  • Agreeing with them in exchanges - essentially just telling them what they want to hear

Giving one of the Rise of the Ronin romance options a gift to increase their Bond level & Favour
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You'll know you've progressed a romance option once you see both their Bond meter and Favor meter go up at the same time after one of these actions.

Once you've maxed out a companion's Bond and Favor level, you'll see an option in your next conversation marked with an exclamation point - allowing you to enter a Veiled Vow and officially establish an intimate relationship.

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