How to gesture in Rise of the Ronin

How to gesture in Rise of the Ronin
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Morgan Truder


22nd Mar 2024 07:00

Pretty much every game that has online capabilities will have emotes or gestures, and Rise of the Ronin is no different. Once you’ve completed a co-op mission, it’s always nice to offer a bow, some sake, or even a little wave goodbye to whoever aided you.

Below, I’ve not only outlined how to gesture in the game, but also what you need to do to change up the gestures you have in your quick selection. The more you unlock, the more you’ll find yourself switching these up.

How to emote

To gesture, all you need to do is hold the Options button to bring up all of the emotes you have listed in your quick select. From here, you can then choose which one you want to perform by pressing X.

How to change emotes

Changing gesture in Rise of the Ronin
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Gestures are a sign of expression in games now, we're at a point where they almost act as a language - especially when playing with strangers. So, it is important to know how to change them. Here's how it's done:

  • Hold the options button 
  • Press the onscreen prompt to change the gesture 
  • Once you have found the one you're looking for, select it and it will now be in your quick select

That is all you need to know about emoting in Rise of the Ronin. If you’re looking for more guides check out our Rise of the Ronin homepage where we have already covered if it is a Soulslike, the different difficulty settings and if you're on the fence check out our review.

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