5 easy foreign books map locations in Rise of the Ronin

5 easy foreign books map locations in Rise of the Ronin
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22nd Mar 2024 17:31


The many locations for foreign books for Rise of the Ronin can't simply be found by unclouding the map; you need to find each book hidden behind various objectives - making it frustrating if you're trying to upgrade technology like your glider or detector as soon as possible.

So you can unlock these next upgrades right away, here's my list of five foreign book locations across Rise of the Ronin's Yokohama map - ones you can immediately go to in the game once you start collecting them.

Firearm training

The first of the foreign books I found in Rise of the Ronin was as a prize at the firearm training range in West Yoshida-Shinden, marked with an icon featuring a rifle and target as shown in the map image below.

The firearm training range on the map, one of the foreign books locations in Rise of the Ronin
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Talk to the instructor at the range and you'll win the foreign book for scoring 3000 points by shooting down as many targets as you can in the allotted time.

The prize for achieving the second-tier rank in the mini-game, scoring 3000 points is relatively easy. 

However, I was even able to achieve the 7000 points for the Master rank by just shooting all of the targets as normal without trying to move too fast - also earning me the 'Firearm Genius' Trophy in Rise of the Ronin's Trophies list

Shukan-Benten Shrine treasure chest

After defeating a group of thugs in east Bashamichi as the area's 'public order' objective, you can quickly find the next of Rise of the Ronin's foreign books in the treasure chest inside the shrine - marked in the image below.

A treasure chest containing a foreign book
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You'll need to take out six enemies to clear the area, but you can make it very easy work if you use stealth to target some with assassination kills or utilise the large space to beat one at a time via one-on-one combat.

Gliding training in Shibo

Located in the middle-west of the Shibo area, the third easy foreign book can be found in its gliding training mini-game. 

Gliding training map location to get a foreign book in Rise of the Ronin
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Whilst you need to take part in the equivalent mini-game Yoshida-Shinden to get the 'Gliding Training in Yokohama' book for the first glider upgrade in Rise of the Ronin, the Shibo training will net you a foreign book for scoring only 5000 points to rank at the Intermediate level.

Although it took me a few attempts to achieve the Master rank for the other prizes, I managed to get Intermediate on my first try without much trouble.

Sodegaura treasure chest

This next foreign book location in Rise of the Ronin will need you to get to south Sodegaura and find the big black and gold treasure chest shown in the below snapshot of the map.

The Sodegaura treasure chest containing one of the foreign books
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However, you will first need to clear out a group of five thugs to restore Sodegaura as the area's 'public order' objective.

Nevertheless, you can achieve this rather fast by moving around quietly to pull off stealth kills or using your grappling hook to throw flaming barrels and get the drop on a couple of the criminals. 

Honcho ship treasure chest

The last of the easy foreign books to find in Rise of the Ronin is in East-Honcho - specifically on the ship opposite a Veiled Edge banner fast travel point as shown below.

A Honcho treasure chests containing one of Rise of the Ronin's foreign books
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Completely devoid of needing to fight any enemies or playing mini-games, this foreign book was the quickest to get in my playthrough so far.

I first merely grappled up a building to get to the aforementioned Veiled Edge banner, walked up to the wooden perch with the ship in view, and then glided over to the empty deck with the treasure chest towards the bow.

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