Project Zomboid VHS stores and tapes: Locations and how to use VHS tapes

Project Zomboid VHS stores and tapes: Locations and how to use VHS tapes
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15th Mar 2023 13:04

The Project Zomboid VHS stores and tapes allow players to level up their key survival and crafting skills, allowing you to become more effective at surviving the horrors of the zombie apocalypse. 

Project Zomboid is a hardcore survival RPG set during a zombie outbreak, and gives players plenty of useful skills to level up. While you can level skills by performing certain actions, another great way of earning XP is watching specific VHS tapes that relate to certain skills. 

So, if you're looking to find out how the tapes work and where to find the VHS stores in Project Zomboid, we've got you covered.

Project Zomboid VHS Tapes: What Are VHS Tapes For?

Project Zomboid VHS Stores And Tapes what they do
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In Project Zomboid, watching television shows can improve your characters' mood and give them levels in various skills that are imperative to survival.

To start with, you can access these shows via a TV and the Life and Living TV channel, but only for the first eight days of in-game time. After the channel goes off-air, you will need to find the VHS tapes instead, which perform the same role - rewarding you with skill levels. 

There are many tapes in the game, and they can be littered across the in-game world, either in random buildings or the VHS stores.

To use a tape, find a TV somewhere and then click it, but instead of messing with the channel settings, drag the tape into the TV, and it will begin playing. 

Project Zomboid VHS Tapes List

Project Zomboid VHS Stores And Tapes
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Currently, in Project Zomboid there are 19 VHS tapes that can be discovered and watched. Each tape corresponds to a certain skill which it can increase for you. All the VHS tapes and their associated skills are listed below:

  • The Cook Show EP 1-7 - Cooking
  • Woodcraft EP 1-7 - Carpentry
  • OSCC '92 - Mechanics
  • Stock Cars - Mechanics
  • Carzone EP 1-3 - Mechanics
  • Exposure Survival EP 1-2 - Fishing
  • Exposure Survival EP 3 - Farming
  • Exposure Survival EP 4 - Carpentry
  • Exposure Survival EP 5 - Carpentry and Foraging
  • Exposure Survival EP 6 - Trapping
  • Exposure Survival EP 7 - Foraging
  • Exposure Survival EP 8 - Carpentry
  • Granny Nani - Tailoring
  • Nof vid - Metalworking
  • Caombat Wound Management - First Aid
  • TV Repair - Electrical
  • Muldraugh AV Club - Electrical
  • RMFA - First Aid
  • No 9 - Metalworking

Project Zomboid VHS Stores Locations

Though you can find the Project Zomboid VHS tapes in many places, a solid place to look is the game's six VHS stores. Inside these buildings you can often find some tapes to use, but they are spread out across the map.

For all the Project Zomboid VHS store locations, read on below: 

VHS Store 1

Project Zomboid VHS Stores And Tapes store 1
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The first store can be found in the Riverside map, located on the west side of the town. You'll come across a small carpark and an L shaped building, which is where the first VHS store is located.

VHS Store 2

Project Zomboid VHS Stores And Tapes store 2
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The second store is in the area of Muldraugh, near the very south-west of the map. From the Minihall, travel south toward the police station, and you come across the next VHS store which has the words "Hit Vids" printed on the front.

VHS Store 3

Project Zomboid VHS Stores And Tapes store 3
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Next, we move toward the suburbs of Marchbridge. Located in the centre area of the town, is another Hit Vids VHS store that can be accessed.

VHS Store 4

Project Zomboid VHS Stores And Tapes store 4
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The last VHS stores are all located in the massive Louisville map, with the first one located near the horse tracks. Nearby, you will find an L shaped building, which looks similar to the very first store we found.

VHS Store 5

Project Zomboid VHS Stores And Tapes store 5
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The second Louisville store is at the very north of the map. It's located just south of the bridge and dock area, and is another Hit Vids store that is located on a high street.

VHS Store 6

Project Zomboid VHS Stores And Tapes store 6
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The very last of the VHS stores is toward the north-east, in another Hit Vids with an L shape. It's located in a retail park near some other stores.

That's our round-up of the Project Zomboid VHS stores and tapes, detailing what the tapes do, the different types, and the locations of all the game's VHS stores. 

Make sure you also check out the Project Zomboid TV schedule, so you can make the most of the skill levels you can earn from the Life and Living TV channel. 

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