How To Use The Pokemon UNITE Buddy Barrier

How To Use The Pokemon UNITE Buddy Barrier
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The Pokemon UNITE Buddy Barrier is a Held Item that you can use to help your team snowball to victory. In Pokemon UNITE, there are various different Held Items like the Buddy Barrier, but the game itself isn’t very good at telling you what Pokemon to use it with and how to build around it. It takes knowing the Pokemon UNITE best Pokemon tier list as well as how to build a Pokemon up in order to win rounds. Here's everything you need to know about the Pokemon UNITE Buddy Barrier item and how to use it.

Pokemon UNITE Buddy Barrier: How to Get it

Pokemon Unite Buddy Barrier in the Aeos Emporium
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In order to get the Buddy Barrier in Pokemon UNITE, you’ll need to head to the Aeos Emporium. The Aeos Emporium is the hot spot for all Held Items that the game doesn’t start you with, and you can also check out the clothes for sale, too.

The Buddy Barrier costs 1,000 Aeos Coins or 625 Aeos Tickets. It doesn’t take long to save up for this -- in fact, you probably have enough currency sitting around to pick it up. This is the same price as the other Held Items, but the Buddy Barrier is considered one of the best items in the game.

You can also get the Buddy Barrier by having a friend send it to you as a gift.

Pokemon UNITE Buddy Barrier: How it Works

As a Held Item, the Buddy Barrier will work passively, meaning you don’t have to click a button to trigger its effects. The main goal of the Buddy Barrier is to help Support Pokemon assist themself and their allies. It does this by shielding both the player and a nearby ally any time the player uses their Unite Move. It only works on one nearby ally, and if there are multiple near you, then the shield will go to the one with the lowest HP.

The exact stats of the shield change depending on how much you upgrade the item. At level 1, the shield is worth 20% of the player’s max HP. At level 10, this changes to 30%. At level 20, this changes to 40%.

That’s not all the Buddy Barrier does -- the item will also boost your HP depending on how much it’s upgraded. At level one, it will give you 20 additional health, scaling up to 600 additional health at level 30. Basically, it gives you 20 extra health every time you upgrade the item.

Pokemon UNITE Buddy Barrier: Best Pokemon to Use it On

Pokemon Unite Buddy Barrier on Support Pokemon Eldegoss
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The Buddy Barrier was made with Support Pokemon in mind. With that being said, there aren’t too many Support Pokemon in the game. There’s Wigglytuff, Mr. Mime, and Eldegoss. You can also use the item with other Pokemon that can play as a Support, such as Snorlax, Slowbro, and Crustle.

It’s important that you’re using the Buddy Barrier with the correct Pokemon in the correct role. While the additional HP and the passive ability sound great for any tanky character, there are going to be better options for them. There are plenty of HP-related items to pick from, so check into each item before jumping into it.

Buddy Barrier: How to Use It Correctly

Pokemon Unite Buddy Barrier Use In Game
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While the Buddy Barrier’s passive ability is just that -- passive -- you can still plan out when you use it. Since it triggers whenever you use a Unite move, you can time your Unite move to get the most out of the shield it gives you.

Generally, with Support Pokemon, your Unite move is meant to help you and your teammates survive a battle or last long enough to beat the other team. This synergizes well with the Buddy Barrier, as the shield will either help you and your team survive or give you additional HP through the shield to continue pushing.

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