All Pokemon Scarlet and Violet special evolutions

All Pokemon Scarlet and Violet special evolutions
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Are you looking for a complete list of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet special evolutions? Most of the 400 in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet evolve simply by levelling up. Then, there are special evolutions: alternative methods of evolving like using evolution stones or trading a Pokemon whilst holding an item.

Beyond that, there are other evolutions which are a bit more difficult all the way to being downright convoluted. So, let's get into the full list of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet special evolutions.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet special evolutions

Special evolutions using stones

pokemon scarlet violet special evolutions evolution stones
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Stone evolutions are the easiest special evolutions in Scarlet and Violet since not only can you buy them in shops, but you can find them scattered all throughout the Paldea region as well.

Then, all you have to do is use the evolution stone on your chosen Pokemon. Below, please find all Pokemon Scarlet and Violet special evolutions using stones.

Pokemon  Special Evolution Stone Result
Capsakid Fire Stone Scovillain
Cetoddle Ice Stone Cetitan
Crabrawler Ice Stone Crabominable
Eevee Fire Stone Flareon
Eevee Ice Stone Glaceon
Eevee Leaf Stone Leafeon
Eevee Thunder Stone Jolteon
Eevee Water Stone Vaporeon
Floette Shiny Stone Florges
Growlithe Fire Stone Arcanine
Jigglypuff Moon Stone Wigglytuff
Kirlia (male) Dawn Stone Gallade
Magneton Thunder Stone Magnezone
Misdreavus Dusk Stone Mismagius
Murkrow Dusk Stone Honchkrow
Petilil Sun Stone Lilligant
Pikachu Thunder Stone Raichu
Shellder Water Stone Cloyster
Snorunt (female) Dawn Stone Frosslass
Sunkern Sun Stone Sunflora
Tadbulb Thunder Stone Bellibolt

Special evolutions by trading Pokemon

pokemon scarlet violet special evolutions trading
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One of the original special evolution methods along with certain stones, trading evolves certain Pokemon upon completion of a trade. Over time, trading evolution has also required traded Pokemon to be holding a certain item as well. 

Pokemon to Trade Evolution
Haunter Gengar
Slowpoke holding King's Rock Slowking
Scyther holding Metal Coat Scizor

Special evolutions via max Friendship levels

pokemon scarlet violet special evolutions max friendship levels
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As the name implies, all need to perform a Friendship evolution by maxing out the particular Pokemon's friendship levels with you. This is by performing actions like sending it into battle, using items on it, interacting with it in Picnics, or making it hold the Soothe Bell to boost it quicker.

After the Friendship level is maxed out, the Pokemon will evolve the next time it levels up

Pokemon Evolution
Azurill Marill
Chansey Blissey
Eevee (with a Fairy-type move) Sylveon
Eevee (during daytime) Espeon
Eevee (during nighttime) Umbreon
Igglybuff Jigglypuff
Pichu Pikachu
Riolu (during daytime) Lucario

Special evolutions by using special items

pokemon scarlet violet special evolutions items
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Used in the same way as evolution stones, these special items are could be described as versions specific to the Pokemon itself - with one or two having a unique step of their own to the process as well. 

Pokemon Special Item Evolution
Applin Sweet Apple Appleton
Applin Tart Apple Flapple
Charcadet Auspicious Armor Armarouge
Charcadet Malicious Armor Ceruledge
Gimmighoul 999 Gimmighoul Coins (then level up with Coins in inventory) Gholdengo
Sinistea (Antique Form) Chipped Pot Polteageist
Sinistea (Phony Form) Cracked Pot Polteageist

Special evolutions by the time of day

pokemon scarlet violet special evolutions time of day
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As the title implies, these Pokemon can only evolve whilst levelling up during a certain time of day. What's curious about time-of-day evolution though, is that most of these Pokemon require some other special condition as well - like having a maxed friendship level, using an evolution stone, or holding a particular item. 

Pokemon Time of Day Evolution
Sneasel (holding Razor Claw) Nighttime Weavile
Eevee (max Friendship) Daytime Espeon
Eevee (max Friendship) Nighttime Umbreon
Riolu (max Friendship) Daytime Lucario
Happiny (holding Oval Stone) Daytime Chansey
Yungoos (level 20) Daytime Gumshoos
Rockruff (level 25) Daytime Midday Form Lycanroc
Rockruff (level 25) Nighttime Midnight Form Lycanroc
Rockruff (level 25 + has Own Tempo ability) Nighttime (7-8pm) Dusk Form Lycanroc
Formantis Daytime  Lurantis
Greavard (level 30) Nighttime Houndstone

Special evolutions by a specific gender

pokemon scarlet violet special evolutions gender
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These Pokemon Scarlet and Violet special evolutions are as such because these Pocket Monsters can only evolve to certain Pokemon if they're a specific gender, along with evolution stone or level up requirements. 

Pokemon Gender Evolution
Combee (level 21) Female Vespiqueen
Kirlia (Dawn Stone) Female Gallade
Salandit (level 33) Female Salazzle
Snorunt (Dawn Stone) Male Gallade

Special evolutions with specific moves

pokemon scarlet violet special evolutions specific moves
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These special Pokemon evolutions in Scarlet and Violet can only occur in Pokemon who know a specific move, and then level up to evolve. What's also interesting about these is that each particular move is relevant to the evolution itself, like Annihilape's Rage Fist.

Pokemon Move Evolution
Bonsly (level 16) Mimic Sudowoodo
Dunsparce (level 32) Hyper Drill Dundunsparce
Eevee (Max Friendship) *Any Fairy-type move* Sylveon
Girafarig (level 32) Twin Beam Farigiraf
Primeape  Rage Fist (Use 20 times) Annihilape
Steenee (level 28) Stomp  Tsareena

Special evolutions with specific battle conditions

pokemon scarlet violet special evolutions battle conditions
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These are among the most intricate Scarlet and Violet special evolution methods. Although this is a small list, the specific battle conditions required for a Pokemon to evolve after levelling up are some players might never realise on their own. 

Pokemon Battle Conditions Evolution
Bisharp (holding Leader's Crest) Defeat 3 other Bisharp, each holding a Leader's Crest Kingambit
Primeape use the move Rage Fist 20 times Annihilape

Special evolutions by walking

pokemon scarlet violet special evolutions walking steps
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This is one of the most interesting Pokemon Scarlet and Violet special evolution methods since it's not only exclusive to these latest games, but it's also hard to track. For a walking evolution, you need to have your chosen Pokemon at the front of your party, press the R button to activate Let's Go mode, and have it will with you the required number of steps. Then, the Pokemon should evolve the next time it levels up. 

Pokemon Number of steps Evolution
Bramblin 1000 Brambleghast
Pawmo 1000 Pawmot
Rellor 1000 Rabsca

Special evolutions by multiplayer

pokemon scarlet violet special evolutions multiplayer
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Another unique special evolution method in Scarlet and Violet, this very small list of Pokemon can only evolve whilst levelling up in an online or local multiplayer session. As of right now, there is only one Pokemon with a multiplayer evolution. 

Pokemon Evolution
Finizen (level 38) Palafin

That's all you need to know on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet special evolutions. For more of the latest in the game, check out the Decidueye Tera Raid dates and times. Better yet, here is how to send postcards to Scarlet and Violet from Pokemon GO

For even more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon. 

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