How to send a postcard to Scarlet and Violet from Pokemon GO

How to send a postcard to Scarlet and Violet from Pokemon GO
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1st Mar 2023 15:01

Revealed during the Pokemon Day 2023 Pokemon Presents stream, sending postcards to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a little bit complicated for the uninformed.

However, it's worth the effort, allowing you to get a Roaming Form Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO and different Vivillon forms in Scarlet and Violet

How to send a postcard to Scarlet and Violet

Connect Pokemon GO with Scarlet and Violet

send postcard scarlet violet pokemon go
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To send postcards, you'll need first need to connect your game on Nintendo Switch with your mobile Pokemon GO account. To do so, carry out the following steps: 

  • In Scarlet and Violet - Select "Poke Portal" from the main menu. Then, select "Mystery Gift.
  • In Scarlet and Violet - Select "Connect to Pokemon GO", or if you haven't connected your accounts before, select the second option, "Pair with a Pokemon GO account".
  • In Pokemon GO - Select the main menu via the bottom-middle Pokeball, choose "Settings" in the top-right, then select "Connected Devices and Services".
  • In Pokemon GO - Select "Nintendo Switch", then "Connect to Nintendo Switch".
  • In Scarlet and Violet - You should receive an alert saying an account has been found. Select "Yes" to confirm the pairing between accounts. Then, select "Connect to Pokemon GO". 

Sending Postcards from Pokemon GO to Scarlet and Violet

send postcard scarlet violet pokemon go recieve rewards
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Now that you've connected your Pokemon GO account with Scarlet and Violet, there are just a few final steps needed to send a postcard to your Nintendo Switch game: 

  • In Pokemon GO - Go into the player menu by selecting your player icon in the bottom left corner. Next, select "Postcard Book".
  • In Pokemon GO - Select any postcard you've gotten from a friend included with a Gift. Even if it's one from your home country, like the one shown above from Sara Heritage, the postcard will still have the desired effect.
  • In Pokemon GO - Press the bottom-right button with the three lines. Then, select "Send to Nintendo Switch", "Send", and Pokemon GO will confirm the postcard has been sent.
  • In Scarlet and VioletUpon receiving the postcard, a glittering golden present will pop up and open to reveal your rewards: unusually-patterned Vivillon (respective to the region of the sent postcard) spawning in its usual spots, Gimmighoul Coiins x 50, and Super Potions x 5.
  • In Pokemon GO - You'll receive the particular Vivillon medal (respective to the region of the sent postcard) and a Coin Bag will appear in your inventory! 

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